The Best Reasons to Be an Early Bird on Vacation

Do you sleep in on vacation? Always? Does it depend on the vacation?

I’m the early bird-style traveler. Even when I’m on “vacation,” I still want to wake up at 5:00am and start my day! It helps me fight jet lag and keeps my body balanced when crossing time zones. While you don’t need to get up that early, there are some benefits to consider! Take a look, and maybe you’ll want to see what it’s like to be an early bird once in a while!

Avoid Crowds

This is at the top of the list for a reason! I like people, but not all people at once, you know what I mean? When you’re visiting a popular destination at a popular time of year, odds are good that you’ll be facing some crowds. The respite? Early morning! And not even that early. Just any time before 10:00am is usually a good time to see the most popular sites and beat the crowds.

Want this picture at Mount Vernon? Better get there early!
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Avoid the Heat in Summer

The hottest part of the day is the afternoon! I actually enjoy the heat, but even I want to take advantage of cooler temperatures on summer mornings. I love doing a little touring in the morning, then popping into a museum for the afternoon, or maybe grabbing an iced coffee at a local shop when the day is at its peak temperature.

If you visit Qatar in summer, you will definitely want to plan outdoor activities early in the day!
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Get Your Tickets Before They’re Gone

You know what stinks? Getting somewhere and finding out tickets are sold out–and have been for hours! Many museums, particularly during and po-COVID, have instated strict capacity restrictions and require timed tickets, which can be very limited. But even in a non-COVID world, popular attractions and museums like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, or the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican often run out of tickets soon after opening. It’s best to book in advance, or be the first one in line!

Don’t find yourself in Paris without a ticket to the Eiffel Tower!
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Avoid Lines

Hate standing in line? Don’t be in the back of one! Getting to a site or museum early means you may not need to wait in line for tickets, or if you do, you’ll only have to wait a short time, instead of potentially waiting for hours. You might even have the site to yourself for a while!

Because we got to the Keukenhoff Gardens in the Netherlands early, we were able to walk right in, and we even had the whole place practically to ourselves, even during peak tulip season!
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Get the Food You Want

If there’s a famous famous food you want, be sure you order it early! Whether it’s a famous bakery that routinely runs out of goods within a few hours of opening, Key lime pie from Blue Heaven in Key West, or pies from Leoda’s on Maui, if you want their specialty, you might want to get there early in the day!

Want a slice of Blue Heaven’s famous Key Lime Pie in Key West? Get there before they run out!
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Get Better Photos

Why does it seem like there are always so many people at famous and iconic sites around the world right when you want to take your perfect photos? You know how to fix that? Get there earlier! Sometimes timing is just not on your side, so don’t beat yourself up, but if you can help it, try to get to your photo spot early in the day!

Wish I’d gotten this iconic shot earlier in the day!
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Don’t Miss Your Flight, Bus, or Train

What’s the most compelling reason to wake up early on your travels? You’ll be less likely to oversleep when the time comes to travel! Whether it’s an early call time for a flight, bus, train, ferry, or other form of transportation, you’ll be less stressed if you’re not rushing to get there in time… Be early instead!

You won’t be going anywhere if you miss your flight!
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