7 Tips for Traveling in Summer

Summer has always been my favorite season! I was born in the summer. I was free from school in the summer. I have and still do make sure to spend a lot more time reading in the summer months than the rest of the year. But there’s something else magical about summer: it’s vacation season! Whether it’s flying, driving, sailing, or some other means of traveling, the vast majority of traveling through the year happens in the summer. So here are the best tips for traveling in the busy season of summer!

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Summer Travel Tip #1: Be prepared for crowds.

It’s a fact of summer travel: there will be crowds. The same reasons you want to travel in summer are the reasons everyone wants to travel in summer: good weather, kids and teachers are out of school, festivals, often easier to take off work, etc. So just be aware of the crowds you may encounter at the airport, in major cities, at popular attractions, on beaches, and anywhere else you want to be.

How can you beat this?

  • Buy tickets in advance when possible
  • Wake up early to explore before others are out and about
  • Arrive at popular museums and attractions at or before opening time
  • Get to the airport at least two hours early for domestic flights, three hours early for international flights
  • Pack your patience; remind yourself that everyone wants to get where they’re going, not just you
Get your tickets in advance online when available!

Summer Travel Tip #2: Fly in the morning when possible.

Some flights are only available in the evenings (like some international flights from the Continental U.S.), but whenever possible, book morning flights. This will help you avoid weather delays and the subsequent domino effect related to afternoon summer storms. This is particularly true of summer afternoons in the American South!

Morning flights are best in summer when you can!

Summer Travel Tip #3: Bring extra deodorant.

No, really, put an extra deodorant in your purse or backpack! Reapply as needed. No one will notice… unless you don’t!

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Summer Travel Tip #4: Take advantage of light clothing.

You know I’m an absolute stickler for packing light in all seasons, but this is particularly easy in the summer! Fabrics are lighter, clothes are not bulky, and you definitely don’t need as many layers filling up your luggage. Take advantage of all that and try to pack light. You’ll save money because you won’t have to check your bags, and you’ll save time because you won’t be waiting (sometimes up to an hour!) for your luggage at baggage claim.

Pack light once and you may never go back to checking a bag!
More here! Packing Strategies and Tips for YOU!

Summer Travel Tip #5: Use your bathing suit.

Need a pro tip for packing light in summer? Use your bathing suit! For men, your swim trunks are acceptable as shorts, especially at a beachy destination; you can also wear regular shorts to swim in, so count your blessings! For ladies, a bikini can double as underwear and a bra for a hike to a waterfall, or even just a regular day. A tankini top can double as a regular top when paired with the right skirt or pair of shorts. Get a little creative, think outside the box, and travel outside the suitcase!

This is one of my favorite summer travel tips!
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Summer Travel Tip #6: Bring sunscreen.

Even if you’re planning to visit Rome instead of the French Riviera, or Washington, D.C., instead of the Outer Banks, plan to bring some sunscreen! The sun’s rays are not only found at the beach, so avoid a burn or even just a farmer’s tan and use a little sunscreen before you head out for the day!

The sun may not be as harsh in British summers, but I was still glad my moisturizer had sunscreen in it on my trip to England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland!

Summer Travel Tip #7: Hydrate!

I know you don’t want to have to find a bathroom all the time, but hydration is so important, especially in the hot summer months! So drink up, refill, and repeat!

Ready for your summer travels? Comment to tell me below! And check out my Travel Tips Page for all my best tips for traveling to any destination, any time of year!

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