8 Beautiful Ways to Style a Button-down Shirt

Multi-purpose, multi-function, multi-use… why use (or wear!) something one way when you could find two, three, or even eight uses? This What I Wore Wednesday is all about the button-down shirt. I absolutely love to pack a button-down because it’s so easy to change it up! Check out my eight favorite ways to utilize this underrated item.

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There’s basically nothing easier than an untucked button-down! Whether you pair it with jeans and boots, leggings and flats, shorts and sandals, a skirt and booties, or something else, this look is always a winner.

Leggings or jeans will work with an untucked button-down!

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Fully Tucked

For a less casual style, tuck it in! This creates a whole different look without a lot of fuss or difficulty. Add a belt for an even more finished look.

Tuck it in!

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Quarter Tucked

For my body type (petite, short-waisted, “squatty body”), I find the quarter tuck to be the most flattering button-down style. Just tuck in about 2-3 inches at the front, and you’re “quarter tucked!” I also like this look with a belt, but that’s up to your personal preference!

Cute as can be!

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With a Jacket

A quick and effective way to change the look of something is to throw a jacket on over it! I always find that I need a jacket when traveling, even if just during a long flight. Get a good jean or leather jacket, and it can change your look anywhere you go!

A jean jacket goes with everything!

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Under a Vest

I used to resist vests. And then I got over it! They really are one of the most functional fashion items, and they have definitely made a comeback in recent years. Plus, I love having pockets when I travel. The more pockets, the merrier! Check out these options, and use one or more to change up your travel look!

Love a vest with a lot of pockets!

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Under a Sweater

For the ultimate cozy-convertible travel outfit, layer a button-down under a cozy sweater. This is a great trick if you’re traveling from a cold climate to a milder one. It’s also a great trick just to change up your look a bit to help you pack lighter on a longer trip!

Cozy, comfy, functional.

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Under a Dress

This is a fun way to totally disguise a button-down, especially if you’ve already worn it a time or two on a trip! It’s perfect for a chilly day, or when you just need to look a little nicer or a little more modest. I love pairing a button-down with a short or midi dress.

Wear the sleeves down like this or rolled up!

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Over a Dress

Surprise! You can also do the reverse! I love wearing a button-down over a dress, and tied at the waist. It’s so flattering, so cute, and it’s an easy way to change your look in a big way!

I love this fun look with a tie in the front to create a waistline!

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So what’s your favorite way to wear a button-down? Did any of these surprise you? Tell me below, and then check out my Packing Page for more ways to make the absolute most of your wardrobe!

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