Packing for Women: Fall in New England

Updated July 27, 2021.

Visiting New England in fall is on many an all-American bucket list! My sweet husband whisked me away to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. We had a wonderful time, but sometimes packing for fall weather can be a challenge. To take some of the stress out of your fall trip to New England, here is my ladies’ packing list! As always, this list is acceptable for going carry-on only!

On the Plane

The first thing I think of when choosing an in-flight outfit is comfort. The second thing is storage. Since the flight from D.C. to Burlington is a short one, I forewent my usual legging in favor of jeans—more pockets, more storage! I also went for fall colors and warmth.

Airplane Outfit

Puffy Vest

I love a good puffy vest! I love the pockets, I love the warmth, I love that I don’t get too hot in a puffy vest! I love the color, too, because it goes with so many things. I prefer neutral basics so I can bring in a pop of color with my shirts, jewelry, and scarves!

Long-sleeve T-shirt

Never underestimate a long-sleeve tee! It can be dressed up or down. It can be a base layer or a pop of color. And it always goes with jeans or leggings.

Infinity Scarf

Never travel without a scarf, but especially in fall! I love a good, multi-color infinity scarf because it will go with so many things, both neutrals and brighter colors. Fall can be a gloomy time with cooler weather and cloudy days, so a scarf is a fun way to add in color and keep you warm as needed.

Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans are amazing for travel, they’re slimming, they’re sleek, they’re elegant, but most importantly, they hide accidental spills and inevitable stains! Ha! But truly, dark wash jeans and black leggings are mainstays in my fall wardrobe, and I recommend them to you!

All-weather Boots

The other mainstay in my fall wardrobe? Sperry Saltwater Boots! The ones pictured above are no longer available (I keep my boots as long as possible–long after they go out of style!), but the boots linked below are my new favorites. I have them in two colors, and I absolutely love them. These fit like a glove, they’re waterproof, and they’re perfect for traveling, hiking, or walking around town. They come in over a dozen colors. Get a pair of these boots!

Changes of Clothes

You know I am a huge fan of packing light, and that means cutting down on bulky items! sweaters are admittedly bulky, but remember that you don’t have to bring one for every single day of your trip. Sweaters are easy to re-wear, especially if you’re wearing a layer underneath, and if you’ll be wearing a coat most of the time, too!

Ready for anything.


Cozy sweaters are what fall is all about. I only took two with me on this three-day trip (in addition to the top I wore on the plane), and I re-wore one of them with no reservations and no shame! I also suggest a moisture-wicking layer for cooler mornings and evenings!

Moisture-wicking Base Layer

Keeping Warm

The most important part of packing for cooler temperatures are effective, packable outer layers. Thin layers can be very effective in keeping you warm without the bulk.

Everything I need to stay warm on chilly mornings and brisk evenings!

Puffy Coat

Light Jacket

Warm Hat

Head Ring

Ear Bags



The Trapp Family Lodge is a treasure trove of activities! Hiking, biking, yoga, swimming, and more are all available. No matter what the season, you will find something active to keep you busy!

Ready for any and all activities!

Workout Tops and Sports Bras

Even in the fall, I find myself reaching for sleeveless tops and just pulling on my light jacket for the first five minutes or so of a run. The cooler mornings are refreshing!

Workout Pants

Whether you’re running, hiking, cycling, or yoga-ing, you have to wear pants! The more exciting the pants, the more likely people in vehicles are to see you coming as a runner! The mermaid print pants are my absolute favorites, and they’re made in the USA, too!

Running Shoes

I have been using Asics for my cross-training shoes for years now. They always have fun color schemes, but more importantly, they’re very comfortable!

Bathing Suit

A bathing suit in fall? Yes! Several resorts in New England, including the Trapp Family Lodge, have indoor, heated swimming pools. Bring your suit!


How do I fit it all in? I owe my carry-on only abilities to packing cubes and Osprey Backpacks! I got all this into a 30L Osprey Porter Backpack, with room to spare!

Who loves packing light?

Packing Cubes

Yes, these are an absolute essential for every trip, but particularly in fall. Why? Because you’ll have to be packing a lot of layers and probably a few bulkier sweaters. These compression packing cubes are the perfect solution. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit into them and into your bag!

Osprey Porter 30L Backpack

Speaking of packing cubes, the Osprey Porter backpack as a few built in! The side zippered pouches on the inside are a total game changer, not to mention the compartments on the top, front, and back as well!

Are you ready to pack up for your own trip to New England? Check out 10 Reasons to Visit New England in Fall! And for all my tips and hack for packing, I have a dedicated Packing Page!

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  1. Thank you for this information. Heading to Stowe next week from So California for my first time and really, really needed all this information! (The packing and where to go). So helpful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I hope you have the best time. It will be so beautiful! Be sure to check out all my Stowe posts on my United States Page if you haven’t already!

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