10 Reasons to Visit Singapore

If you’ve been following along on my Facebook or Instagram @QuickWhitTravel, you know my sweet husband Steve and I spent last weekend in exotic Singapore! We love this small island nation for lots of reasons, and here is a checklist of reasons you might want to add it to your travel list, too!

10. One of Their Four Official Languages is English
Other official languages include Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. But for jet lag-addled Americans, it’s nice to be in a place where you know you’ll be able to communicate effectively.

9. High-end Shopping
Personally, I’m not much of a shopper. But shopping is a major industry in Singapore for those who love to shop!

8. Marina Bay Sands Hotel
We did not stay here, but we did go visit and take the long elevator ride to the top! It’s only a few years old, and it has an infinity pool on the roof. It was also featured on the Amazing Race a few years ago!

Looks like a surf board, right? 
The view from the top! 

7. Cable Cars to Sentosa
This was a ton of fun! There are two cable car lines, one from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island, and the other runs longways across the island. We got round-trip tickets valid for both lines, which was nice because we got a bird’s eye view of the whole island!

Cable Car to Sentosa!

6. Funky Architecture
Singapore has only been an independent country a little over 50 years now, and they are making themselves known for futuristic architecture, including extremely tall architecture!


5. The Singapore Flyer
That’s their big Ferris wheel!

The Singapore Flyer!
That tube is your Ferris wheel observatory!
I made him kiss me at the top.

4. A Good Exchange Rate for Americans
Exchange rates go up and down all the time, but when we went last weekend (April 2017), the exchange rate was about 70 Singapore cents to 1 US dollar. That’s pretty good!

3. Friendly People
The people in Singapore are glad you’re there! At least they act like they are. Hospitality is important to them, and we found just about everyone we spoke with or asked a question to was happy to help and friendly. When you’re jet lagged and haven’t slept much in the last couple of days, friendliness goes so far! I just love when people are kind, don’t you?

2. Gardens by the Bay
Just the name sounds pleasant and peaceful, doesn’t it? I LOVED the gardens! There’s a skywalk there, so you get to see the gardens from a bird’s eye view as well as from the ground. Do not miss it!

The Gardens!
On the Skywalk, Marina Bay Sands in the background

1. Merlions
I love these guys! They are the symbol of Singapore, half lion, half fish, all fun. And maybe a little scary from the wrong angle.

Night time
Giant Merlion, Sentosa

So what do you think? Is Singapore on your list of places to go? We think it should be! Tune in on Tuesday to find out where we stayed and whether or not we’d recommend it to you!

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