6 Important Things You Forgot to Pack for Egypt

Egypt is the ultimate bucket list trip, so it stands to reason that packing is a complete afterthought! But you don’t have to arrive unprepared. You’ll enjoy your trip more if you remember to pack these six things. Here are the things you (almost) forgot to pack for your epic trip to Egypt.

Power Bank

Your phone will absolutely die unless you have a power bank on you! You’ll be taking so many photos and videos, and you’ll always be wanting more throughout the day! You’ll be so glad you packed an external charger. Just don’t leave it in your hotel room when you go out for the day! 

Another tip? Put your phone on battery saver mode! You’ll still be glad you brought an external battery, though.

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Good Shoes

I know, I know, you want to wear your adorable sandals and walk like an Egyptian. We all do. But you are for sure going to want comfortable shoes for hiking through sand, climbing stairs and ramps in the pyramids, and exploring temples and tombs on uneven, broken, smooth-enough-to-be-slippy ground. Bonus points if you bring a pair you can slip on and off quickly, since you’ll be doing this a lot when flying within or out of Egypt. I recommend these, and I use them in practically all my travels!

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Unless you’re going to the Red Sea or the Mediterranean coast, you may not think to pack sunscreen. You’ll be mostly covered anyway because Egypt is a conservative country, and you’ll pack appropriate clothing. But the sun in Egypt is stronger than you think, and any exposed skin on your arms, neck, or face will definitely feel it! 

Instead of wishing you’d brought some, bring along a solid sunscreen. It won’t take up space in your carry-on or spill in your luggage. This is a brand that I’ve trusted in my sunny travels for years!

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A Hat

Speaking of sun, you’ll also want a hat for face shade. You may not need it all the time or even every day, but when you need it, you’ll be glad you have it. Go big-brimmed or visor-style; just don’t go without one!

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Bug Repellent

If a Nile cruise is on your itinerary, this needs to go on the top of your packing list! Bugs love my husband almost as much as I do, and the ones in Egypt proved to like me pretty well, too! We got a few bites in Egypt, even in winter, and this is one thing I personally forgot to pack. Check out these bug repellent wipes, perfect for travel, of course.

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Light Jacket or Sweater in Winter

This is definitely not something most people think of when planning a trip to Egypt. Most of what you hear about Egypt is how hot it gets there, especially in the south. But if you’re planning to visit in winter, you should absolutely pack one or both of these items. The nights and mornings are chilly!

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Want more? Check out everything you need and more on my dedicated Egypt Page!

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