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Solo Travel: Warsaw

Why Warsaw? Poland has an interesting history, and because Warsaw is the capital city, much of its history is on display here. Love music? Chopin hails from Warsaw, and there is an excellent museum here dedicated to him and to his music! Warsaw took it on the chin during World War II, and a visit… Continue reading Solo Travel: Warsaw


Museum Day in Warsaw!

It’s Flashback Friday! Here’s another post from my Poland trip, originally published on 6 May 2012! Well, good as my intentions were to wake up at 7 and get going Saturday morning, that is not what happened! I woke up around 9:30 and made it downstairs in time for a quick breakfast. I really intended… Continue reading Museum Day in Warsaw!


Tour of Warsaw

Originally published on 6 May 2012. Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Here’s the first post from a life-changing trip through Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. Why did it change my life? I met my husband on this trip! Our second wedding anniversary is coming up, as well as the fourth anniversary of our first meeting, so… Continue reading Tour of Warsaw