What to Know Before You Visit Pittsburgh

Updated July 21, 2020.

Heading to Pittsburgh soon? It’s no longer just a steel-gray city with rough winters. Pittsburgh has been experiencing a rebirth in recent years, and its enjoyed a major tourism boom to match it! So if the Steel City is on your list, here is a quick run-down of things to know before you go!


Pittsburgh is technically located in Appalachia, so you might be surprised to find some similarities to the American South! As a Southern girl, I was very pleased to find some kindness and hospitality when I went to visit the first time. They have some of their own terminology, much like every region of Appalachia. Here are a few you might hear:

  • Yinz: This is like the Pittsburgh equivalent of the Southern “y’all.” It’s short for “you ones.”
  • Nebby: Nosey.
  • Redd Up: Tidy up, or a mild cleaning and organization effort.
  • Pittsburgher: What you call someone from Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh as seen from Mount Washington

Good to Know

  • All their professional sports teams have the same colors: black and gold!
  • What are those teams?Baseball: Pirates
    • Football: Steelers
    • Hockey: Penguins
  • Ethnicities are celebrated. Pittsburgh’s history as a steel town means this was a good place for early 20th century immigrants to find work. They came from all over and established communities with others from their home countries. It’s interesting: no matter where people emigrate from, they always bring their food! You’ll find lots of excellent ethnic food from Ireland, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, and more!
  • Uber is automated: Well, not all Ubers, but Pittsburgh is a testing ground for Uber’s automated (driver-less) vehicles. So be prepared!
  • Bridge Fact: There are more bridges in Pittsburgh (446) than there are in Venice (400)! Pittsburgh sits at the place where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio River, creating a need for bridges and a picturesque landscape! Another nickname for Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges.
Sixteenth Street Bridge

The Best Fact of All

Pittsburgh is the hometown of Mr. Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. You can even find a statue dedicated to him near PNC Park! Stay tuned for a post all about Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood!

Mr. Rogers!
Did you see the Mr. Rogers movie?
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