Packing for Ladies: Molokai, Hawaii

There are plenty of Hawaii-inspired packing guides out there, but packing for Molokai is different because Molokai is different from all the other Hawaiian islands. It’s more rugged, less populated, less “touristy,” and by many standards, it’s more Hawaiian. This is the island where hula started, but you won’t find a luau here. So thisContinue reading “Packing for Ladies: Molokai, Hawaii”

Ultimate Molokai Bucket List

Molokai is called the “Most Hawaiian Island,” and a visit to this beautiful place will help you understand why. Much of the island is untouched by technology, and the slower pace all but forces you to slow down and settle into the spirit of aloha. We spent our fifth anniversary on Molokai, so when theContinue reading “Ultimate Molokai Bucket List”

Your Ultimate Molokai Travel Guide

Lots of people go to Hawaii, but not a lot of people experience Molokai. It’s known as “The Friendly Isle” and “The Most Hawaiian Island,” but its history and inaccessibility have kept people away over the years. But that’s not such a bad thing… it means you could have this paradise practically all to yourself.Continue reading “Your Ultimate Molokai Travel Guide”

Hiking Hawaii: Molokai

Where is the best place you’ve ever hiked? For us, it’s definitely the Islands of Hawaii! Each island is distinct in its beauty, and every time we hike in the islands, we find ourselves in awe of the waterfalls, mountains, and epic coastal views. So of course Molokai, the “most Hawaiian” island, couldn’t help butContinue reading “Hiking Hawaii: Molokai”

How to Mail a Coconut from Hawaii

Everyone loves real mail! In the 90’s, snail mail was super boring; we all wanted an e-mail! Then e-mails became bothersome—so much junk mail! So snail mail made a bit of a comeback. The appeal is in that personal touch, you know? But what’s better than a post card or a traditional letter (and wayContinue reading “How to Mail a Coconut from Hawaii”

What to Eat on Molokai, Hawaii

Today’s the day… it’s all about the food! Our recent anniversary trip to Molokai was amazing, largely due to the truly authentic Hawaiian food! Molokai is said to be the “most Hawaiian” island, so it stands to reason that this is the place to get the “most Hawaiian” food. Service was friendly everywhere we went,Continue reading “What to Eat on Molokai, Hawaii”

What to Know Before You Visit Molokai

Never heard of Molokai? You’re not alone! It’s one of the lesser-known and less-visited Hawaiian Islands, though people do actually live here! It’s called “The Friendly Isle,” and because it’s relatively untouched by the same tourism as the other islands, it’s also called the “most Hawaiian” island. Another side effect of it being less-visited: thereContinue reading “What to Know Before You Visit Molokai”

Lei Making at Molokai Plumeria Farm

Steve and I have been to five Hawaiian islands now, and we’ve done the “Hawaiian” things: a luau, scenic flights, sunning on Waikiki, toured coffee farms, lava peeping, etc. But there was one thing we hadn’t really done yet: lei making! I came across the Molokai Plumeria Farm in my trip research, almost on accident,Continue reading “Lei Making at Molokai Plumeria Farm”