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Solo Travel: Krakow

Updated April 2020. You know what’s unique and intriguing about Krakow, Poland? It was not bombed during World War II. Why? Because of its proximity to Auschwitz. Krakow wasn’t really on my radar until I started looking into where I could go in Eastern Europe before meeting up with friends in Prague. Then suddenly Krakow… Continue reading Solo Travel: Krakow


10 Reasons to Visit Krakow, Poland

It’s Faraway Friday! A few years ago, I got to experience beautiful Krakow, Poland, on a solo trip around Eastern Europe. To this day, it remains one of my favorite cities. Contemplating your next trip? Put Krakow on your list–here are 10 reasons why! 10. The Pastries There is just something about European pastries. They’re… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Krakow, Poland