Everything You Need to Know about Staying at the Balthazar Design Hotel in Krakow, Poland

One of my favorite things to recommend to other travelers is not where to eat, what to see, or even where to go. It’s this: Splurge on a nice hotel at the end of your trip. We recently ended our epic trip through Poland in the old city of Krakow, and the thing that made it the most special, the most amazing, the most memorable, was the Balthazar Design Hotel! Here’s your sneak peek.

The Hotel

The hotel itself is classy, yet unique. The lobby is all done in black and white with gold accents, plus pops of color in the form of fresh flowers. We were offered still or sparkling water upon arrival, and check-in was easy and welcoming. We loved coming in after a day of touring (and lots of steps on cobblestones!) and getting the feeling of relaxation and luxury as soon as we walked inside. 

The Lobby
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The Location

What’s so wonderful about this hotel is not just the luxury it offers, but also the perfect location. It’s literally just steps from Wawel Castle, and only a short walk from Rynek Glowny (the Main Square). This is perfect because you’re close to everything, and yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle that you can enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s also close to a variety of shops and restaurants, so you have everything you need right at your finger tips.

Steps away from everything we wanted to do!
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The Room

With only a few rooms across just three floors, each room is unique, well-attended by housekeeping, and beautiful. We stayed in room 306, and the attention to detail was unmatched. The bed was comfortable, the sheets were soft, and the room was efficiently laid-out and well-organized. But most of all, it was beautifully decorated! 

The most beautiful bed
Love the plush seating and well-organized layout
More seating and a table–we love useable surfaces!
Coffee lover’s dream
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The Bathroom

Yes, even the bathroom was beautiful. It was also actually quite spacious, especially for a European hotel bathroom. The walk-in shower had beautiful tile work on the wall, as well as a removable shower head. The complimentary toiletries were also high-end and replaced daily as needed! The best part, though? The plush bathrobes and towels were just the right amount of cozy and luxurious.

Even the bathroom is beautiful
That tile work, though
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The Service

The housekeeping staff deserve a special mention here. Their attention to detail and level of service are some of the best in the hotel industry across the world. They truly went above and beyond to serve us. 

We went to breakfast one morning and came back less than an hour later to find that we had already been meticulously tidied and made up! They also noticed that we prefer still water, instead of sparkling, so they left extra bottles of still for us each day. We were there in August, so we really needed it!

Welcome treats are always a nice touch!
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The Restaurants

Something we didn’t expect about this hotel was their restaurant group. Nearly every hotel has a restaurant on-site, but the Balthazar Design Hotel has seven restaurants across the city! As guests of the hotel, we could not only always get a reservation for the best table, we also received a 15% discount. We tried out Szara Ges (Polish), Boccanera (Italian), and Kogel Mogel (also Polish) during our stay, and I have to say these restaurants gave us some of the best meals we’ve ever eaten. 

Our meals at Szara Ges and Kogel Mogel were also unique for us. Both restaurants have multiple Michelin stars! Neither my husband nor I had ever eaten at a Michelin starred restaurant before, but now we understand the hype!

Even their desserts are over-the-top special!
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