The Top 7 Reasons Every Traveler Needs to Visit Egypt

I’m finding it difficult to put Egypt into words. That’s really saying something since I’m literally a professional travel writer, but there’s my dirty little secret! Egypt has stumped me. It’s the place everyone wants to go, the place some are afraid to go, and yet it’s the place everyone needs to go. Why? Here are seven reasons every traveler needs to book a trip to Egypt. Now, y’all.

1. You Will Find Out How Little You Know

As in, how little you know about everything! It’ll undoubtedly blow your mind to realize that the history goes back 5,000 years or more. Moses saw the pyramids in Giza. The Egyptians invented written language, makeup, toothpaste, even medical practices we still use today! It’s impossible for a non-expert to even grasp the concept of just how much history there is to learn about Egypt. In fact, it’s the only civilization, past or present, in all the world, that has its own field of study: Egyptology.

Bottom line: Don’t try to know everything. Just embrace it and keep your mind open to being blown!

Did you know the temples and tombs of the New Kingdom were in full color? Did you know there were Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms in Egypt, all before A.D. even began?
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2. It’s the Origin of Tourism

I don’t care if you think being a “traveler” makes you superior to those you deem “tourists.” If you’re not from Egypt, and you’re visiting Egypt, you’re a tourist! And you’re not alone. Foreigners have been coming to Egypt to catch a glimpse of the Pyramids and beyond for literally thousands of years. Greeks and Romans wrote about their travels to Egypt as early as the 400s B.C.! Every traveler needs to visit Egypt for its significance to travel as we know it today.

People have been traveling to see the pyramids since ancient times!
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3. It Will Give You a New Perspective on World History

Egypt has seen so much, and the world truly would not be the same without Egypt’s global contributions. Egypt was so advanced in countless ways for so long, and yet it fell to Rome after Cleopatra VII’s death. Despite that and more than 2,000 years in between, Egypt is still standing, its monuments are the only ancient wonders still in existence, and it’s still on every person’s must-go list. Kingdoms and world powers come and go, but none have the staying power of Egypt.

I didn’t realize how important Cairo’s and Egypt’s Christian history is!
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4. It has Always been Incredibly Diverse

We sometimes think of diversity as a new, woke idea. But like so many other things, the ancient Egyptians beat us to it! Cleopatra VII herself wasn’t even Egyptian; she was Macedonian! The Nile drew people from all across the region as a water source and for agricultural purposes. The ancient Romans, Greeks, and other southern European people came and settled here throughout the millennia.

Aside from ethnic diversity, Egypt is also a home for a variety of religions. Ancient Egyptians had their own religious beliefs. Hebrews made a home here throughout ancient history. Coptic Christianity was the predominant religion here not long after the Romans took over in 30 B.C. Islam became the primary religion after the Muslim Conquest in 639 A.D.

Today, 90% of Egyptians are Muslims, while the other 10% are Christians. However, because Egypt has always been a place that the world wants to visit, it can’t help but be welcoming to the people of the world, no matter their differences. You’ll undoubtedly find the Egyptian people to be kind, welcoming, and above all, generous.

Did you know Ramses II married Nefertari, a Nubian woman, and she was his first and favorite wife? He built this temple to her close to his own near Nubia.
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5. It’s THE Place on Everyone’s Bucket List

Everyone wants to see the Pyramids. Even people who don’t like to travel want to see the Pyramids! Sciencey sorts will be interested in the embalming practices that preserved mummies for thousands of years, the astronomy discoveries, and the Egyptian medical practices we still use today. Those interested in architecture will surely want to examine the Pyramids for themselves, but also see Abu Simbel and other massive monuments that were literally moved to be rescued from Lake Nasser and the Aswan High Dam.

History buffs (that’s me!) will, obviously, enjoy having their minds blown again and again. Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike all want to know more about their faith and how Egypt applies to it. Basically, anyone who’s anyone has thought about seeing Egypt for themselves. It’s one of the most sought-after destinations in the world!

Who can resist getting such an iconic shot?!
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6. It has Everything You Want to Experience in the Middle East

If you’ve never been to the Middle East, but want to go, Egypt is the perfect place to make it happen. They have all the cool things you need when you think about a visit to the region: Mosques, camels, desert, oases, massive monuments, ancient history, religious significance, etc., etc., etc. It’s truly the best “bang for your buck” as far as Middle Eastern adventures go. You can get the full experience in one, iconic country.

The best mirage around.
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7. Because It’s a Place You Need a Little Help to Visit

Travel keeps us humble. And travelers, while we’re an independent and capable bunch, still need a little help now and then to make our travels a success. The logistics of planning a trip to Egypt are on the same scale as Abu Simbel and the Great Pyramid; even the most seasoned traveler feels overwhelmed when beginning the planning process.

There is no shame in working with a tour company in Egypt! I found Egypt Elite almost by accident, and after researching multiple tours with multiple companies over the course of a couple of months, I knew they were going to be our best option. This isn’t sponsored, and to be clear, my husband and I paid for our entire trip ourselves with no freebies or extras. Egypt Elite truly is the leading Egypt travel company for a reason! Check them out here, and tell them I sent you!

Thank goodness for Turisi and the whole Egypt Elite team!
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