Tijon Perfumery Class on Saint Martin: Everything You Need to Know

I love unique experiences! And I truly enjoy supporting small businesses wherever I travel. Throw in a memento to remember the place and experience long after I go back home? That’s perfect. Steve and I made our own scents during our anniversary trip to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, and it was so fun, I had to share it with you on the blog! Here’s how to create your own perfume or cologne at Tijon Perfumery

The Shop

Whether or not you decide to sign up for one of Tijon’s Perfumery Classes, you should certainly stop into their shop—just follow your nose! They sell many locally-made products, some from fellow small businesses on the island, and some that they make right there in the shop!

Peruse everything, and when you can’t decide, get a sampling!
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The Concept

While this is a shop, it’s also a place to create your own scent! They offer three different classes to learn about perfumery, and you’ll even get to take a bottle of the scent you created home with you! This was such a fun thing to do as a couple, and they also offer group classes if you want to bring the whole family, make it part of a bachelorette party, or make it a team building activity!

This was such a fun thing to do for our anniversary!
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Class Options

There are three classes to choose from, depending on how much time you have and how much you want to learn about creating your signature scent. All classes include creation of your own “signature scent,” which you can name whatever you want and take home with you! And don’t worry—it’s travel size!

Choose your base scent from their 12 pre-mixed oil combos!
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Class 101: 2-3 hours

This class includes information about the history of perfume, your sense of smell, and the materials that go into creating perfumes. You’ll also receive a workbook and certificate, as well as a complimentary gift!

Once you choose your base scent, you can start building your own perfume or cologne!
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Mix & Match: 60-90 minutes

This is the class we chose—I wasn’t sure I could convince Steve to enjoy up to three hours of perfume making! While this class does not include the history of perfume and further information from the Class 101, you will still receive a workbook and certificate, as well as the same complimentary gift. 

Choose from their 40 most popular oils to build your scent, or consult their “Perfume Organ!”
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Express Fragrance in a Flash: 20 minutes

Can’t imagine pulling yourself away from the sand and sun for an hour or more? No worries! You can still create your own scent to take home with you in just 20 minutes! This is such a fun and unique experience, you’ll be so glad you did it. 

Everyone gets to wear a lab coat!
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Your Complimentary Gift

If you choose the Class 101 or Mix & Match Class, you will also receive a complimentary VIP gift bag worth over $45 USD. It will be filled with Tijon Perfumery products, including soap, sample of your choice of a Tijon signature scent, lip balm with SPF, linen spray, certificate, and canvas bag. The best part? Each product is travel size, so you can take it home with you (even if you travel carry-on only), and you can take a little bit of St. Martin with you on your future trips! 

My complimentary gift and personal scent!
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Highlights of the Class

Learning about My Sense of Smell

I knew basically nothing about my sense of smell. How about you? Did you know that your sense of smell is perfect at birth? Or that you can train your nose to smell more effectively? Interestingly, when your nose gets overwhelmed, you can smell something familiar, like coffee beans, and “reset” your scent sense in your brain. It’s fascinating!

Mimi was such an excellent teacher!
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Learning How Scents Come Together

I had no idea how scents layer together! Your base oil gives your scent depth, then you’ll have middle and top note oils that send the scent in the direction you choose. Top notes only last about 15 minutes, so you really need those middle and base notes to make your scent last longer. That is a super basic explanation; you should take the class for more details!

Don’t worry if your work station looks like this when you’re creating!
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No Two Scents are the Same

It’s impossible for two students to create the same scent. There are so many different combinations, the scent you create will truly be uniquely your own! Maybe it’s the middle child in me, but I love knowing that my perfume is only mine!

No one else will ever make scents quite like ours!
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Naming Your Own Perfume

This was such a fun thing to do! From the day I learned about this experience, I started thinking of my own scent’s name. I knew I wanted it to be tropical or floral, which are the scents I think of when I think of islands. And, because Steve and I make a point to spend every anniversary on an island, I wanted it to be called “Anniversary Island!” 

I thought I was so clever, you know? But Steve took it a sweet step further, and I absolutely love it. His scent is called: Eight. Because it’s our eigth anniversary! So sweet, so clever, so smart!

Here he is, sampling his options!
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More Than Perfume

If you really love your scent, you can also get it in a lotion, creme, massage oil, and home scent mists! They keep your formula on file should you ever want to order again in the future or try a new product in your scent!

Final scent chosen, now ready for finishing up and bottling!
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Get the Book!

You know I’m an avid reader, and I always try to find books to read about the places we plan to visit. I was delighted to find that Tijon’s owner and founder, John Berglund, wrote a book about his and his wife’s experience quitting their jobs in the States and moving to St. Martin. It was an entertaining read for sure (John is such an engaging writer!), but the unexpected benefit of reading this book was all the tips about visiting the island.

I highly recommend this book, whether you’re planning to visit, dreaming of starting a business abroad, or just need a little literary getaway. Get your copy below!

Want more? Take a look at my dedicated Caribbean Island Page for everything you need to plan your trip to St. Martin/Sint Maarten!

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I received one complimentary class in exchange for this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I never recommend experiences that I don’t absolutely love. For more, take a look at my Policies Page.

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