10 Trips for Couples

Ah, love! It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? And for a traveler, it’s even better if the one you love wants to travel with you! My husband and I met while traveling with mutual friends, and now we’re that annoying couple who never spends too much time together. Here are my top 10 trips for couples!


  1. The Relaxing Beach TripIf you’re like my husband and me, you like to see everything when you go somewhere new! But we discovered something on our first anniversary: you can only go so far on an island, and the vibe is so much more relaxed! All that go-go-go is fun, but when you’re taking a romantic trip (like a honeymoon or anniversary), it’s important to take some time to be still, watch the waves, and simply hold hands with the one you love.13164361_10100703559772898_4086934504700933119_n
  2. Go-go-go!Conversely, sometimes a go-go-go kind of trip is invigorating! Sometimes it’s fun to “see everything” with the one you love–see things you like, things they like, and then talk about them over dinner or on the plane ride home.
  3. The Weekend GetawayDo something crazy and run off for a romantic weekend away! Fly, drive, take a train, or even a bus (a weekend getaway fits into any budget!), and stay at a B&B or other romantic accommodation. Plan it months in advance or on the fly; just make it fun and romantic and away from your reality for a couple of days.
  4. The Trip of a LifetimeIs there an “unattainable” dream vacation you’ve both always wanted to see? Start making plans and make it happen! Do your saving, buy a guide book or rent one from the library, and dream about it together until it’s a reality. Let yourselves enjoy something very special and one of a kind. Having such a unique experience that only the two of you share will bring you closer to each other.11914008_10100560282621458_7035040930521745793_n
  5. The Heritage Trip
    Where are you from? Where is your spouse from? What was life like for each of your families before they emigrated? Put together a heritage trip and find out together. You will likely find that you appreciate your spouse (and probably your family!) more deeply and in ways you never thought about before.
  6. Special Interest TripsWhat do I mean by special interest? I mean put aside you own preferences and pride and go somewhere your spouse is just dying to go, even (or especially!) if you don’t want to. And guess what–they should do the same thing for you! The only rules are 1) no complaining, and 2) put the other’s wants before your own. So if your husband wants to go to the North Pole and you just can’t handle the cold, pack your heaviest coat and look forward to snuggling by the fire! And when it’s your turn, you can take a road trip through the Sahara, and he can’t complain about it! Take the opportunity to appreciate your different opinions and preferences, and maybe you’ll find something to like about it!
  7. An Active Day TripThis one’s easy–sort of! Pick a day and drive out to a hefty hiking trail and help each other overcome some obstacles. Or plan a tandem kayaking excursion and paddle together! Get yourselves moving and wear yourselves out so you can appreciate coming home to a hot shower and a comfortable bed. Maybe even change the sheets right before you leave for the day so you can feel truly refreshed when you fall into bed. Appreciate your spouse’s strength and stamina outside of your everyday tasks.
  8. A Double DateThis can be so much fun! Do you have a set of couple friends you like to spend time with? Or perhaps a couple who moved that you’d love to see for a weekend? Ask them if they want to get away for a double date weekend! My best friend Val is also married to a Steve, but they live in California. So for Val’s and my birthday (we were born just one day apart the same year!), the four of us rented a house in Monterrey, CA, and saw the sights on a great big double date.11954812_10102077109363087_5893757666380334916_n
  9. A Long-haul FlightWhat’s a long-haul flight? According to me, it’s anything over eight hours of flight time. Why is this important for couples? It might just test your communication skills. Can you handle being together in a confined space that long? After you’ve disrobed and unpacked and repacked just to get through security? Can you work together to get to the right place? You’ll have to do it all over again for the flight back, too! Go in knowing your patience may run thin, and just trudge through it. At the end of your flight, you’re somewhere far, far away, in a place you want to be–and you’re there with the one you love!
  10. A CruiseCruises are awesome. Do you know my favorite part of a cruise? Your stuff stays in one location! You and your spouse can see 7 islands in 7 days or 8 cities in 13 days without having to pack and unpack. And all your food is covered in the cost. There are a lot of things about travel that can be stressful, and a cruise can take care of a few of those things. Less time fretting over whether or not you remembered to re-pack your  electric razor (or laptop charger, or underwear) means more time to enjoy each other.

Do you have a favorite place to go with your spouse? What would you add to this list, and what would you rather leave off? Comment below!

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