The Ultimate In-flight Beauty Routine

Updated August 28, 2022.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a high-maintenance kind of gal. I’ll never be a beauty blogger because the only make up I can stand to wear is eyeliner and mascara so I don’t look so tired all the time. However, I like to feel pulled together as much as the next girl. That’s difficult on travel days, especially long-haul travel days. So for all the other low-maintenance (and even high-maintenance) travel girls, here’s my in-flight beauty routine to help us feel our best and arrive at our destinations looking and feeling fresh!


Flights are very dehydrating, and it shows on your skin! or at least it does on mine. My face in particular starts to feel itchy and dry within the first few hours of flight. So for longer flights of three or more hours, I like to bring a little moisturizer along. Here are my favorites to apply in-flight, and sometimes before and after, too.

I like Olay Regenerist because it works well without being greasy, and it comes with an SPF. Coconut oil is very good for your skin as well, and it has multiple uses besides moisturizing: body lotion, shaving cream, deep conditioner for your hair, and more! Choose one or the other, or whatever facial moisturizer works best for your skin type. Just make sure it’s under 3 ounces if you’re traveling with a carry-on!

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Facial Cleansing

For super long-haul flights (over six hours), I bring a facial cleansing wipe for my face, and a facial mask to wear before trying to sleep. No matter how much makeup you do or don’t use on a regular basis, it’s good to clean off your face every day. I know it helps me feel more like it’s “time to sleep,” even if I’m on an airplane instead of in bed and it’s not a normal bed time!

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Teeth Brushing

It’s hard to know if it’s okay to brush your teeth in flight. Is it gross? Is it hygienic? Is the water okay? Enter the Wisp. It’s a handy-dandy disposable toothbrush, and you don’t have to use water with it if you don’t feel comfortable with that! They work really well to make my teeth squeaky clean and smooth!

Hair Maintaining

Oh, hair. We spend all our money on it and we still can’t make it do what we want. But that’s what accessories are for! Some women can make it work with a hat, but not me. I prefer a hair scarf, colorful scrunchy, or at the very least just a hair tie. Here are a few of those options:

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As I said before, I don’t wear a lot of makeup. And honestly, I recommend traveling with the least amount of makeup possible for practical purposes. Different people with different skin have different needs, so do what’s best for your skin. For me, it’s one of the moisturizers above, eyeliner, and mascara. That’s it! These are the brands I use:

So what’s in your carry-on for looking and feeling your best in-flight and after? Comment below to let me know!

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