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This has been a huge year for the blog, and 2019 brought Quick Whit Travel to a major milestone: 100,000 views! I’ve been blogging for nearly 14 years now, but I didn’t get my “dot com” (meaning, not a free website!) site until 2016. Plenty of other bloggers get 100,000 views a week (or more), but for me, this is something to celebrate! There are still a few days left in 2019, but here are my top 10 blog posts of the year and a little backstory behind each one!

I hit the mark on December 19, 2019!*
*Stats listed below are accurate as of 4:30pm December 30, 2019.
10. Hiking Hawaii: Maui
1,455 Views this Year
Published 2018

Honestly, I don’t think this is my best hiking Hawaii post, but I’m glad it’s my most popular! One of the most beautiful hikes in the world is on Maui. It’s the Pipiwai Trail, and it includes a mile-long bamboo forest that looks like something out of your wildest dreams. If you’ve been following for long, you know that Steve and I really love Hawaii. It’s a relaxing place for us to reconnect each year for our anniversary, and hiking is one of the things we love to do most in the islands!

Maui’s Bamboo Forest
9. How to Visit the White House
1,489 Views this Year
Published 2017

A friend gave me the idea for this blog post, and it made me realize there are a LOT of tours I could blog about! He is the Chief of Staff for a Congressperson, and he said the very often get requests for last-minute tours of the White House. Heads up: you need to request your White House tour MONTHS in advance so you can get your background checked! So he asked me to write this post in hopes that people would read the post and learn the right way to request a visit. I don’t know if it worked for his office, but it sure worked for me!

Visiting the White House with my dad and husband in October 2017. Pro Tip: Check your photo before you leave… per person behind us in line thought that getting our feet in the photo was WAY more important than getting the Presidential Seal above the door!
8. Packing for Women: Fall in New England
1,490 Views this Year
Published 2018

Confession: packing for fall is the worst! Give me tropical or snowy any day, but this in between-y stuff is hard to pack for. And apparently, a lot of other people need some fall packing help, too! I’ll tell you another secret: I actually bought things for this trip. I rarely shop specifically for a trip because I’m a cheap-o and I try to pack light, so I make do with the things I already have. But I bought a cream-colored puffy vest for this trip. I wore it at least three times in four days.

Vermont in fall is definitely worth packing for!
7. What to Eat at the Outer Banks
1,574 Views this Year
Published 2018

Some of my girl friends from church go down to the Outer Banks every year in May, before the “season” officially starts. I don’t usually get to go with them because I’m usually traveling elsewhere or recovering from a trip, but last year I decided to join them! And I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am because not one, but two of my blog posts from that trip are on this top 10 list!

So I heard about these Duck Donuts…
6. How to Tour the FBI Experience
2,735 Views this Year
Published 2018

I didn’t even know you could tour the FBI Headquarters until I started researching tours you could take in D.C.! My friend Kelly and I reserved our spots months in advance, and I have to say I think it’s one of the best museums in D.C.! It’s well worth planning for, and apparently a lot of my readers agree!

Quick Whit takes over FBI Headquarters!
5. 10 Things to Do in Corolla, Outer Banks
3,182 Views this Year
Published 2018

When I first posted the link to this post on Twitter, some Twit commented, “You couldn’t even find 10 things to do in Corolla without going out of Corolla? YOU SUCK!” And you know what? There are not 10 things to do in Corolla, so I told people to take a day trip to Kill Devil Hills where the Wright Brothers first took flight. Because that’s awesome and nearby! So, I deleted his comment, blocked him, and now this is my #5 top viewed post of 2019!

Awesome photo at Kill Devil Hills by my friend Amanda!
4. What to Eat at Mama’s Fish House
3,427 Views this Year
Published 2018

My food posts are always a hit, but this one about Mama’s Fish House on Maui really took off! I get new views on it each and every day, which I credit to Pinterest. Someone posted it on some Pinterest board, and if I knew how to do that for myself, I would do that with EVERY POST! My husband does not like to go out to eat (give us a frozen pizza and Murder, She Wrote on Prime and we’re happy!), but we were on Maui for our 4th anniversary, and I wanted to go somewhere special. He obliged! The food was amazing, but the experience was just as wonderful, too!

The Happy Couple at Mama’s on Maui
3. What I Wish I Knew: Hawaii’s Big Island
3,618 Views this Year
Published 2017

This is another one I owe to Pinterest! This is also one of the first “What to Know Before You Go” blog posts I wrote, and I thought it was so useful, I decided to write one for just about every place I go. I like to think nearly 3,500 other people think it’s useful, too! But I can’t talk about this post without giving a shout out to my friend Vanessa, who lives on the Big Island and told us everything we needed to know before we went!

Wai’pio Valley Lookout
2. Packing for Ladies: A Week on Maui
4,486 Views this Year
Published 2018

Maui is a popular spot both in the world and on my blog! But I’ll tell you a secret: I almost skipped writing this blog post. I hate writing packing posts because I think they’re really boring, and surely everyone has better style than I do, right? But thank goodness I went with my schedule rather than my preference because this is my #2 most viewed blog post of the year!

You need the right outfit for that turtle sighting, you know!
1. D.C. Tours to Book in Advance
5,221 Views this Year
Published 2018

Speaking of useful posts, that was my whole intent behind writing this one. A lot of people get to D.C. and they want to take tours of the White House, the Treasury, the FBI Headquarters, and more! And their enthusiasm is quickly dashed when they realize they should have requested those tours weeks or even months ago! So I pulled together all my posts about tours that must be requested well in advance, and it quickly became my most popular blog post ever!

Want a personal tour of the Capitol? Request that in advance!

Thanks so much for reading, and especially for sharing! Here’s to a fun and eventful 2020!

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