What to Know Before You Visit the Moroccan Sahara

Updated June 23, 2022.

If you know me, you know I’m a wannabe island girl. The ocean, the palm trees, the flowers… the sand is really the worst part because it ends up in the worst places! But when in North Africa, a trip to the Sahara Desert needs to be on the list! Despite my preference for bright colors and signs of life, I have to say deserts are growing on me. Steve and I visited Uluru in Australia this year, with its iconic red dirt, and last year’s trip to Qatar was a positive first desert experience—they have a desert by the ocean!

But besides the fact that deserts are indeed fascinating, there are a few things you really should know before you go. Check out our best tips here!

Camels waiting to take desert-goers on a tour!

The Desert is FAR!

You’re probably thinking, “I’m not going to be that close to the Sahara Desert and just not go!” And while being in Morocco certainly does put you closer to it than most places in the world, you’re still not what you might call “close.” It’s not day trip material, but it is well worth making the time and budgeting the money to have a desert adventure when in Morocco. Here’s a quick run-down of distances from major cities in Morocco:

  • Casablanca: 403 miles or 10 hours
  • Chefchaouen: 411 miles or 10 hours
  • Essaouira: 461 miles or 11 hours
  • Fes: 291 miles or 7 hours
  • Marrakech: 352 miles or 8 hours and 35 minutes
  • Ouarzazate: 229 miles or 5 hours and 10 minutes
  • Rabat: 366 miles or 8 hours and 45 minutes
  • Tangier: 440 miles or 10 hours and 45 minutes

The good thing about the long drives to and from the Desert, however, is that there are actually a lot of beautiful things to see along the way!

Quick Stop at Dades Valley on the way to the Desert
Views of the huge Palm Grove and Kasbah in Agdz
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Find Weather in Et Taous, Morocco

I wanted to keep an eye on the desert temperatures in preparation for our trip, but “Merzouga” didn’t come up when I searched in my weather app, and neither did “Sahara Desert.” However, a little map reconnaissance revealed that the nearest searchable location to our camp was “Et Taous”!

Et Taous is the closest town to Merzouga Desert Camps!
Et Taous Weather for October!
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Bring Water

You definitely already thought of this, right? But just in case, you should definitely drink a lot of water in the Desert! Bring bottled water with you because even the #1 Luxury Desert Camp in the world will charge you 3 Euro (not dirham) you per bottle (though juice, tea, and coffee are included). You can pick up a 5 or 6 liter bottle or a pack of 1.5 liters very inexpensively at grocery or convenience stores in any town before you arrive.

Drink up that juice, too!
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Air Conditioning is Not Always Available

I know this sounds like a stupid observation, but our camp was supposed to have air conditioning! However, a sand storm clogged the generator, and the air conditioning went out for about seven hours our first night. It was over 90 degrees F (over 32 C) inside our tent. It finally kicked back on after 7:00am the next day.

Also, the camp turns off the generator (and thus, the air conditioner) during the day, since most people only come for an overnight trip and are not there during the day. It was well over 100 degrees F (40 C) inside our tent when we arrived back at camp from our half-day excursion.

In the shade it was actually much cooler outside our tent!
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IMPORTANT: Consider Your Meds

What you might not consider before it’s too late is that any medications you need might be ruined by such high heat for long periods of time. If you have to bring medications with you when you travel, consider visiting the desert in winter or early spring. In September, it was still too hot!

Good thing the heat doesn’t diminish the beauty of the dunes!
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Bring Lotion and Lip Balm

You will lose much more hydration than you think! Solid lotion and lip balm will be your best friend out in the desert. Solid toiletries are not new, but they are definitely gaining traction these days. They’re perfect for travel because, not only do they not take up room in your carry-on liquids bag, they also work at least as well, or better, than their liquid counterparts!

Helpful info: Your Ultimate Guide to Solid Toiletries

You Will Need Sunscreen

Sure, you’ll be wearing clothes that cover most of your body, but your face, the back of your neck, and any part of your arms and legs that see the light of day will need extra sunshine protection. The best way to do that? Solid sunscreen! Choose a high SPF, and plan to reapply every couple of hours (or more often).

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Light Clothes are Essential

That means light in color and light in weight. This is not New York City—black may be chic and slimming, but it also absorbs the most heat! Stick to white, beige, or pastels, preferably made of linen to absorb sweat while keeping you cooler than other fabrics.

Light clothing and linen are a winning combination!
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You Will Want Sunscreen and a Hat

With no shade in sight and few clouds for cover, the sun is unrelenting! To make sure you can enjoy it as much as possible, bring sunscreen (solid is best for travel!) and a hat.

But Most Importantly, Bring Sunglasses

Eye protection is perhaps the most important thing for your desert journey. No one likes a grain of stray sand in their eye, and you will definitely want eye protection from that sun! And if given a choice, splurge on real, polarized sunglasses.

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Take Your Desert Trip with Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps!

We chose to go with this company at the recommendation of my friend Helene from Helene in Between. Our driver was awesome, the camp is beautiful, and the location is stunning. They are the #1 luxury camp in the world, and it may sound crazy, but we had some of the best food of our trip right here at this camp! But here’s a pro tip: Bring your own water! Each 1.5 liter at camp is 3 Euro!

Dinnertime at Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp
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  1. Wow! I’ve always wanted to visit desert and Morocco seems like the perfect place to do this. Thank you for sharing all this, it will definitely come in handy. 🙂

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Sure thing! It was definitely a worthwhile experience, but we wish we’d been a little more prepared in some ways! Hope you can get to the desert soon!

      1. Thats for sure. I hope to visit Morocco next year, if everything goes as planned. 🙂

      2. quickwhittravel Avatar

        I will have LOTS of tips for you by then! I will be honest, it was not our favorite trip, but I think we just had some bad luck! I’ll be happy to answer any questions to help you plan better than we did! 😜

      3. Great! I will see how things turn next year but Morocco is definitely one of the top destinations I want to visit again next year. Mostly because of the desert experience. 🙂

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