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What to Pack for Morocco: Men’s Edition

Do a quick search for “what to pack for Morocco,” and you will find dozens—maybe hundreds!—of blog posts for women. You’ll find almost nothing for men, but men are definitely expected to have some self-awareness about what they pack for conservative countries like Morocco as well. So here it is, gentlemen: your guide to packing appropriately for Morocco!

The Luggage

Our trip lasted two full weeks, taking us from the country’s largest cities to the desert and beyond. Everything fit into a 46 L backpack as a carry-on and standard-sized backpack as a personal item on all flights. The backpack is also a great day bag! This is the luggage my husband always takes on our trips, all over the world, and they have held up well over the years.


Three words: “moisture-wicking” and “linen.” These will be your best bets for keeping cool and comfortable when it gets hot. I bought a linen shirt for my husband for this trip, and he was skeptical, but just a few days into the trip he was thanking me for it!

I recommend at least one of the 3/4 sleeve linen shirts above (comes in 10 colors) and three of the polos (the one linked below comes in 15 colors). The good thing about both options is that they wash and dry quickly! Linen also absorbs sweat and breathes, so you will stay cooler, even in the Desert.

My honey, keeping cool in his linen shirt (and in the slight shade of the tent)!


Important Note: Shorts are considered underwear in Morocco. I didn’t make that up, I read it in several articles, and heard it from a Moroccan man while we were there. You will rarely, if ever, see Moroccan men wearing shorts, even in the heat, so wearing them yourself is a surefire way to stand out as a tourist! Better options are linen pants, athletic (moisture-wicking) pants, or even jeans if they’re not too heavy.

I suggest one of each, plus one extra of your favorite. My husband took two pair of athletic pants, one pair of linen pants (because I packed for him), and two pair of jeans (he prefers jeans on long flights). By the end of the trip, however, that extra pair of jeans was just dead weight.

He’s so happy he packed moisture-wicking pants!


My husband took two pair of running shoes with him, and that was it. If you plan to do a lot of hiking, however, I suggest something more rugged. One pair was so worn out and torn up that it got left behind!

Black running shoes go with everything!

Workout Wear

I don’t know about you, but my husband works out every day, with very few exceptions. If you’re also an exercise enthusiast, I recommend three athletic shirts and three pair of shorts. You’ll just look like you’re running around in your underwear for a short time each day. You can easily wash-and-rewear these because of the moisture-wicking material.

The good news is that Moroccans start their day quite late, so if you work out in the mornings, you might not see anyone in your shorts at all!

Ready to hike up to the Spanish Mosque in Chefchaouen (and do a few bodyweight moves while we’re up there)!


Your mom will never forgive you if you forget your socks and undies. I’ll link some socks, but I won’t presume to know what undies you prefer!


There are some things you just need in a hot, dry climate. You’ll be glad you threw these in your bag!

Fabric Refreshing Spray

I have known about this stuff for a while but just recently discovered its odor-reducing capabilities. We are so glad we brought it, and we will never travel without it again! It’s a wrinkle reducer, odor eliminator (especially good for those athletic clothes), and it removes static, too!


Save room in your liquids bag; bring solid sunscreen! This brand works wonderfully well.


Natural deodorant is very important to us, and thankfully we found a solid deodorant brand that works for us both! If you’re skeptical about making the switch to natural deodorant, give Native deodorant a try.


You’ll need them in basically every city or small town you visit! And you will be utterly thankful for them in the desert.


I forgot to pack a hat for my husband, and I think he regretted it! Please don’t forget your hat!

Good camel. Nice camel!

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