What to Pack for Morocco: Women’s Edition

Updated June 22, 2020.

I used to think packing for conservative locations in hot countries was really hard, especially for women. But now that I’ve done it a few times, I’m finding that it’s easy—almost too easy! I had a hard time paring down the options, in fact! Here are some excellent pieces for you the next time you visit Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, or anywhere you might need to cover up but stay cool!

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Dresses and a Skirt

Maxi dresses for the win!

Cotton Maxi Dress

Because our trip would last two full weeks, I decided to go with two maxi dresses that were different from each other. If I was staying just one week or less, I probably would have stopped with the one maxi dress above. But I was glad for another option on this trip! This dress is great because you can wear it on or off the shoulder, and I love the way it drapes over all the way around. I got mine from a boutique in Lebanon, Tennessee, called Poppies Boutique, but here is a similar one from Amazon!

Linen Maxi Dress

Linen is the perfect summer fabric because it not only breathes, it also absorbs …wetness. This one is ultra-flowy for maximum breeze capabilities, comes in multiple colors, and it has adjustable straps! Don’t forget your scarf or kimono cardigan to cover your shoulders (linked in this post below). I also wore mine with a button-down linen top over the top half and tied it at the waist. It was a cute look!

Maxi Skirt

You may notice a trend here: maxis! You can certainly get away with a midi dress or skirt in most situations throughout Morocco, but a maxi is always a winner.

Pro Tip: Is your maxi skirt too long? Tie a knot on the bottom to make it shorter!


Linen will keep you cool and absorb sweat quickly!

Long Linen Pants

A good pair of linen pants can be paired with all the tops you bring. They’re a great alternative to a skirt when you’ll be hiking, walking the sand dunes, or just want something different!

UPF +50 Capris

Again, if I was going for a week or less, I would choose one or the other of these pant options, but I was glad to have two while traipsing around the country for a full two weeks! These have UPF sun protection and are both breathable and moisture-wicking.


Wear a 3/4 sleeve top over a dress and completely change the look!

3/4 Linen Top

This linen top comes in handy on its own with either of the pant options above, but one of my favorite new uses for it is over a dress! Just tie it at the waist and you have a whole new outfit.

3/4 Button-down Top

If you want another option, a sheer top is a good one. Again, it can go with either of the pants, or even over any of the dresses or the maxi skirt above!

Tunic Top

With modesty in mind, this tunic top can be worn with pants, a skirt, or as a cover-up on your walk to your hotel or riad’s pool!

Under Shirts

You might need an extra layer underneath some of these options, and you will probably want at least one spare!

Keeping Covered

Kimonos are light and airy—the perfect solution for keeping cool and covered!

Versatile Kimono

You will want a couple of good kimonos! Here is a solid option and a patterned option. If you’re going for two weeks, take both. Just one week or less? Pick one or the other.


Even for two weeks, I took just one scarf. I knew there would be plenty to buy if I needed an extra, and those are the kinds of souvenirs I love! Choose one to take with you that will go with everything else you bring, or at least most of what you plan to bring. This one comes in dozens of colors!


Don’t be afraid to wear “real shoes” instead of sandals. Some of those old streets are steep, cobbled, and treacherous!


Sandals are always a good idea in a hot climate, but for maximum comfort and ease on your feet (you will probably be walking a lot!), my podiatrist and I both recommend choosing a pair with good arch support and an ankle strap. Avoid flip flops and flat soled shoes with no support. The style below comes in four colors!

Read on: Travel and Your Feet

Water Shoes

Water shoes in the desert? You bet! These are great on shifting sands. If you’re like me, you don’t like sand in your athletic shoes or hot sand in your sandals. Water shoes are an excellent solution. You’ll still get sand inside, but you’ll be more comfortable.

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