What to Know Before You Visit Savannah

Updated July 19, 2020.

The one thing you need to know about Savannah: the people are so kind! I just love Savannah with its Spanish moss-covered trees, monuments, squares, and the food! Oh, the food is incredible. You won’t leave angry and you won’t leave hungry, but you will leave ready to start planning your next trip already. But before you even get there, here are a few things to know before you go!

Getting There and Getting Around


Uber was about $20 both from the airport to downtown and back again. There is a designated “Ride Share Pick Up Area” that is well-marked, so you’ll know just where to go.

Look for the signage!
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Walking Around Downtown

Walking is really the best way to get around Savannah. the historic grid system definitely favors pedestrians with its large squares, plentiful sidewalks, and one-way streets. Oh, and the cars actually stop for you in the crosswalks! That is a luxury you simply don’t find just everywhere.

Chippewa Square
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There is a FREE bus around Savannah! It makes dozens of stops around the historic area and includes ferry service to and from the convention center across the river. The bus runs every 10 minutes, and the ferry runs ever half hour. Just look for these signs to find the stops, and pick up a FREE brochure at accommodations, the visitor center, or other attractions.

“Connect on the DOT!”
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Historic Sites

House Tours

According to visit-historic-savannah.com, there are 18 historic house museums in Savannah! That’s more than I could fit into my two-day explorations, but I tried my best. There are a few things to know:

  • Photos are not allowed in many of the historic homes for a variety of reasons. I was super bummed!
  • Prices vary quite a bit, from $7-$15 for the tours I took.
  • There is a tax on some tours but not others.
  • The beautiful, mature trees around the city will certainly charm you, but they will also get in the way when you’re trying to take photos of those beautiful homes!
I didn’t get a clear shot of any historic buildings, but I wouldn’t wish those trees away for anything!
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A Few More Things to Know


I was talking to my server at the Olde Pink House during dinner one night about how much I love Savannah and why–the food, the kindness, the slow pace of life, etc. His name is Declan (I mean, how Southern can a name possibly be?), and he made me laugh when he said, “Yeah, sometimes we call it “Slow-vannah” because we like to move slow. I think also it’s too hot to move fast here in the summer time!

The trees are beautiful, but they do tend to obscure!
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Voodoo. Who do? You do.

That’s right, voodoo! Savannah is voodoo country. Lots of strange happenings go on in Savannah, and much of it is blamed on voodoo. You’ll definitely hear about it if you’re interested in haunted homes and ghost tours.

Leave the Heels at Home!

Between the brick sidewalks, cobblestones on River Street, uneven stone staircases, and an average of 22,800 steps per day, you will be grateful for good walking shoes instead of fancy heels!

“Historic Steps; Use at Your Own Risk”

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  1. It’s on the list. Thinking a 4-day weekend one of these years in October. Not so hot.

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      That would be a PERFECT time to go, and the perfect amount of time, too!

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