Downton Abbey: Movie Moments at Highclere Castle

Updated August 15, 2020.

Now it’s inevitable, friends. The Downton Abbey Movie is coming! Its release date is September 20 in the U.S., so mark your calendars and start planning your trip now—things will pick up significantly after the movie comes out!

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The Storyline

We don’t know yet! So far the details are quite hush-hush, but Highclere Castle is most certainly going to be the jewel of the film. We know that all the main characters are back, though we don’t yet know exactly how much time will have passed between the Season 6 finale and the movie. Personally I can’t wait to see how Lady Edith, now Marchioness of Hexham, is getting on. Her happy ending was my absolute favorite part of the series.

I have a soft spot for my fellow middle children of the world, and after being duped by a probable impersonator, turned out by her love interest’s wife (ok, that was 100% her fault), being jilted at the altar (which brings me to tears every time), having her fiancee and baby-daddy murdered by Hitler’s henchmen, and nearly losing it all to Mary’s flippant snark, she really needed a win. I’d say marrying a Marquess (the level between Duke and Earl) is definitely a win!

Who are you most interested to see in the movie? Which storyline was your favorite from the series? Comment to let me know!

Ready for some Downton-inspired moments!
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The Sites

Since we don’t know all the filming locations just yet, we focused on the Castle and grounds for our visit. Unfortunately and to the incredible discontent of visitors and bloggers alike, guests are not allowed to take photos inside the Castle on the tour! Despite that, I tried to get some good shots of the Castle and around the grounds.

The folly. I don’t remember the name of this particuar folly, but it’s a decorative feature that’s been used in filming the show several times! It’s actually one of my favorite pieces from the show.
Look familiar? When people walk up to the house in the show, this is the angle they film from!
This is the front of the house, and of course the circle drive where the Crawley family accepts and sends off visitors. This is also where you start your tour!
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Have Your Own Downton Abbey Movie Moment

Visit Highclere Castle! Whether it’s a day trip from somewhere else in England or you’re staying at one of their rental properties, a trip to Highclere Castle seems to be at the top of everyone’s list these days. You can have a Downton Abbey moment here and in the village if you like!

Walk the Grounds

You certainly won’t cover the thousands and thousands of acres around the Estate, but you can wander a while! Feel free to peruse the gardens, the walkway, the gift shop, and more!

Bring a jacket! It gets breezy up there on the hill!
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Take the Castle Tour

This is the whole reason anyone goes to Newbury from all over the world–you can’t leave without taking the tour, even if you can’t take pictures inside! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post all about how to plan your trip to Highclere Castle. Some of the things you’ll see from the show (and undoubtedly the movie) on your tour include the Great Hall, Mr. Pamuk’s bedroom, the sitting room, and the beautiful library!

Have Afternoon Tea

Wishing you could have tea at the Castle? You can! There is a tea shop. Afternoon tea was included with out winter tour ticket price, though I don’t believe it is included on all tours all year round. But you can certainly enjoy afternoon tea after your tour even if it’s not included in your ticket!

Finger sandwiches, Victoria sandwich cake, coconut macaroon, scone with jam and cream, strawberry cream in the small jar, pea soup, 1/2 quiche, tea.
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Have Your Own Movie Night

Well, until the movie actually comes out, you’ll have to settle for all six seasons of Downton Abbey on Amazon! Block off a weekend and order all the pizza and ice cream so you can binge watch entire seasons in one sitting! Or maybe host some friends for a proper Afternoon Tea and finish with a couple of favorite episodes!

Are you ready for the Downton Abbey movie? I know I am! September 20, 2019 can’t come soon enough!

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  2. I, too, enjoyed Lady Edith’s win at the end of the series. She was actually my favorite of the three sisters. Her character is so likeable.

    I envy your trip to Highclere Castle. Sounds delightful.

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      I’m so glad I’m not the only Edith fan! I’m excited to see how they play her storyline out in the upcoming movie!

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