New Year, New Opportunities: Travel Resolutions

Wait a minute… wasn’t it just January? How is it already Christmas? And New Year’s is next week! The years seem to fly by faster and faster. Every year I hope to be better than I was the year before, and every year I find new goals to set. If you’re feeling lost and a little overwhelmed with starting the new year, here are some ideas for travel resolutions that will hopefully inspire, encourage, and motivate you to make this next year the best one yet!

Visit a New Place

You may have heard the saying, “Once a year, go some place you’ve never been.” Some attribute that quote to the Dalai Lama, others say that’s not correct, but no matter who said it, it’s a good general rule. When you visit a new place, you learn things, you grow, and you might really enjoy it! Whether you want to visit a new city, state, province, or country, make it happen at least once in the new year! This year’s new country: Qatar!

First time in Qatar, first time on a camel!

Learn Your Heritage

Not sure where you want to go? A fun way to decide and to learn more about yourself and your family history is to take a DNA test to discover where you’re from. Some of them have become pretty advanced with more specific regional information, as well as historical information about reasons for migration from that region. Find out where you’re from, plan a heritage trip, and maybe learn a few things to make you proud of who your people are and where you came from! At the top of my husband’s heritage trip list is Poland!

A glimpse of Market Square in Warsaw, Poland! My husband is half Polish, so Poland is definitely on our list of places to go!

Find a Job Abroad

Want to make a big change in the coming year? Well pull on your big girl panties (or your big boy boxers!) and apply for jobs abroad. Whether your company has offices in other parts of the world or you want to teach English and travel the world, working and actually living abroad will open your eyes in a way that simply traveling through won’t. You’ll find opportunities are everywhere if you’re willing to look! Living and working in Japan is perhaps the most pivotal experience of my life.

My experience living and working in Japan gave me experiences and opportunities I never could have gotten staying in the States!

Take That Trip of a Lifetime

Is there one place you have always wanted to go? That place you feel like you just have to  visit in your lifetime? What’s stopping you? Do you need an excuse? In the spirit of “sieze the day” and “take charge of your own destiny,” any excuse to travel is a good one, and no excuse not to travel is a bad one. Make this the year! My first trip of a lifetime: Sydney, Australia.

A night at the OPERA!
My Love made my dream come true: seeing an opera at the Sydney Opera House!

Be a Kind Traveler

Do you find yourself getting irritable when you don’t get all the sleep you need or get out of your routine? Maybe one of your life resolutions for this year is to work on your short fuse. I know I’m guilty of snapping at people when I’m feeling less than my best. Maybe your flight is delayed (or cancelled!), maybe the flight attendant is rude (and maybe she just got some devastating news before the flight), or maybe the person next to you is totally “man spreading” all up in your personal space (a kind request will certainly get you further than a snarky remark). No matter what, you always have a choice to be kind.

Travel can be stressful for more than one reason, but those times when it’s difficult to be your best self are often the same times when being kind would be the best choice for you and those around you. This year, resolve to be a kinder traveler. Need some motivation? Check out 5 Trips for Positive Vibes.

Be sweet!

Save on Travel

If you think travel has to be expensive, think again. There are countless ways to save money for travel, find discounted travel, and save money while you’re traveling, too! So instead of using money as an excuse not to travel, resolve to find those ways to save! The experiences and memories you’ll get from your travels will be priceless. Need some help? Take a look at my Saving and Money Page!

Know what money to use and how to use it!

Learn a New Language

Seem like a lofty goal? Don’t worry about fluency yet, just start! You can try out loads of languages on the DuoLingo app for FREE, or if you know you’ll be more committed if you spend a little cash, try Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, or another language learning resource. Not only will learning a new language show that you’re trying to be considerate on your next trip, you will also exercise your brain and impress your friends!

My German pronunciation was so good, the woman taking my order thought I was actually German! Thanks, DuoLingo!

Get Outdoors

Have a tendency to keep indoors? Resolve to get out! Enjoy the fresh air, get a little blood pumping, and try something new! Go for a hike, a scenic walk, take a bike tour, or sign up for a fun sailing excursion! Whatever piques your interest, make this the year you try it on for size. Personally, hikes are my favorite!

Ready to hike up to Devil’s Punchbowl, Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand!

Visit a Museum

Think museums are all the same—boring? Then you haven’t been to a museum in recent years. Museums have come into the modern age with touch screens, interactive exhibits, personal touches, and more engaging reading material these days. Whether you’re in D.C. with a dozen Smithsonian museums to visit for free, need an excuse to visit that house museum down the street, or find yourself steps away from the world-famous Louvre, make this the year you actually give a museum a try!

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate

Try a New Cuisine

A huge part of any culture is its food. Traditional food from around the world is based on what was historically available and affordable. We all know the old saying, “You are what you eat,” and the fact is, it’s a cliche because it’s true! Lifespan, health issues, warmth, mood, and even wars around the world have all been effected by food! So instead of seeking out a McDonald’s or just any place with a burger or pizza on the menu, try the local cuisine and make sure you’re getting the full travel experience! Need some inspiration? Check out my World Foods Page!

Shrimp Pad Thai in Bangkok, Thailand!

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Tell me below!

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  1. Love your tips! Getting ready to travel myself! Happy New Year😊

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      Happy new year to you! Hope you have SO much fun in your travels!

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