Instagrammable Sydney, Australia

Updated August 11, 2020.

Instagram has taken over the travel industry. Honestly, it’s a little bit to the detriment of enjoying a relaxing vacation, but it’s a fast-paced, changing world we have to explore, and everyone wants that perfect shot to remember, one that will get a gazillion likes and a trillion engaging comments. The up side of this obsession with photo perfection is that in fact, the common traveler¬†is getting better photos these days! And photos do last forever in the age of the Internet; memories sometimes fade and iconic locations don’t always last.

You will find no shortage of iconic photo ops in Sydney and surrounds, and I’ve put together this quick list of locations, along with some tips, so you can get the best photos and say you #diditforthegram!

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Before Sydney’s iconic opera house, there was (and still is!) the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. Take pictures of it, take pictures from it, either way, lovers of the industrial look will thank you for posting.

Bridge as seen from the Sydney Opera House
Up-close and personal, taken from the Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon Museum.

Don’t mind spending a little cash for an experience and for photo-ops? Do the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb (prices vary by time and climb preference)! Fair warning: you will not be allowed to take your own camera or phone lest it falls and is crushed by the hundreds of cars passing over the bridge every hour. You will, however, be able to purchase a photo of yourself taken from the top of the bridge by your tour guide. Your photo will come to you electronically and as a hardcopy.

Photo Credit: Bridge Climb Sydney
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Koalas at Taronga Zoo

You’re in Australia—your followers will be dreadfully disappointed if you don’t show them a fluffy, lazy, sweet koala! You will find several at Taronga Zoo, just across the harbor from downtown Sydney.

Sleepy Koala! Must be jet lagged…
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Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

If you’re willing and have the time to go a bit farther afield, take the 333 bus from Downtown to Bondi Beach. From there, take in one of the most famous beaches in all of Australia! Once you finish getting some beautiful beach and ocean shots, turn to the right and take the Coastal Trail 6 km (3.7 miles) to Coogee Beach. The scenery is almost too good to be true, and you’ll find incredibly “Instagrammable” shots all along the way. When you get to Coogee, take the 373 bus to the City. Easy!

Seaside pool? Sign me up!
Open sea…
Life on the rocks.
You’ll want to take a seat after walking that 6k!
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Royal Botanic Gardens

There are countless plants, animals, and landscape shots to be had in this 74-acre garden perfectly situated between downtown Sydney and the waterfront! You’ll see people walking, running, picnicking, and of course—getting perfect photos. The birds walking, running, and flying around here are awesome for photo and video opportunities, the flowers are gorgeous all times of year, and there are even some impressive architectural pieces scattered about!

Meet Mr. Ibis. He may look like a Medieval witch doctor, but he’s really a sweet bird!
What is this? Who cares? Check out the color contrast here.
Speaking of colors, who knew winter’s bounty could include palm trees?
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Sydney Opera House

Even more than a koala pic, you will certainly be wanting some opera house pics! And there will be no shortage of opportunities to photograph this iconic architectural marvel! The best places for these photos, however, are definitely from the Sydney Harbor Bridge and MacQuaries Point.

Sydney Opera House from a Yellow Water Taxi in Sydney Harbor.
The classic shot! Taken from MacQuaries Point.
Opera House as seen from the pedestrian walkway on the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Icons and lovers: Sydney Opera House taken from the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon Museum.
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