The Best Ways to Save Money When You’re Traveling

You saved and saved for that trip. You did it! You’re going! You can afford the plane ticket and accommodations. But what about everything else? You have to eat every day. You have to get from place to place. And you’re not going to go and just sit in your room, right? You’re going to go out and do things!

As important as it is not to let your budget stop you from doing the things you really want to see and do, it’s just as important to be wise about your money when you’re traveling, too. So, I’ve come up with a pretty good list of my tried and true tips for traveling on a budget. Here’s how to cut those corners as needed, so you can use your hard-earned money for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Eat Local… At the Grocery Store

You know, I like visiting grocery stores in other countries more than grocery stores at home! They have completely different foods, and sometimes you can’t even read the packaging. What a fun way to surprise yourself!

But really, you can pretty much find a local form of bread, cheese, cold cuts, fruit, and/or veggies anywhere in the world, so you can always make a meal without cooking and do it cheaply, yet effectively. And actually, you can often find some delicious ready-made foods in grocery stores around the world. Some of the best food I ever ate in my travels came from the local grocery, not a fancy restaurant!

Basically nothing beats a pretzel sandwich, bread, cheese, and a sweet cake from a Swiss grocery!
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Go Somewhere You Don’t Need a Car

This is a huge money saver. If you don’t have to rent a car, why would you, right? Most major cities around the world have public transportation systems connecting their airports to the city. Take that money you saved by not renting a car (and paying for gas), and instead, put that toward a fantastic accommodation in the best location. I can almost guarantee you’ll still have money left over! Choose a pedestrian-friendly city, and you’ll wonder why you even considered renting a car anywhere!

We loved exploring Key West, FL, on foot!
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Find the Free Things to Do

Bloggers have done all the work for you on this one! Do a quick Google search for “free things to do in [fill in your destination], and you will find someone’s blog post about the free things to do there. Some cities offer free nights at museums once a month, or even once a week. Just about anything that’s outdoors is free. And there are free walking tours of every major city in the world. All you need to do is Google it!

I loved finding all the FREE things to do in expensive Charleston!
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Make Sure You’re Actually Saving

It will always be cheaper to take the ferry to Santorini instead of flying, right? The slower or less convenient transportation is “always” cheapest, right? Nope! Forget everything you think you know about the cost of transportation and research the best way to get from place to place instead.

How? The Rome2Rio app or website needs to be your first stop, wherever you’re going. It will show you the means, times, and costs of every form of transportation, anywhere in the world! It’s saved us a lot of money over the years!

You’re seeing that right… flying is the cheapest AND fastest way!
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Want more? Check out my best budget-friendly tips on my dedicated Saving for Travel Page!

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