Eat Europe · Vienna

What to Eat in Vienna

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! This week we’re eating our way through the home of the Weiner schnitzel–Vienna, Austria! Before you get too hungry, let’s get going! Breakfast We stayed at the Hotel Sacher, which had an amazing breakfast buffet! Above is a sampling of the selection–made to order omelette, two kinds of bread (I LOVE… Continue reading What to Eat in Vienna

Packing for Women · Vienna

What I Wore in Vienna

Originally posted 13 October 2015. Full disclosure: I never thought I’d be one to write a “What I Wore” post, but people are so interested in packing tips and what to wear in different types of weather, I decided to give it a shot! So let’s jump in. Here’s what I packed for a chilly… Continue reading What I Wore in Vienna



Originally published on 19 October 2015.  Welcome to the final installment of our weekend in Vienna! Our last full day dawned COLDLY! Steve went for a run, but I snuggled up in bed a little longer and took a nice, hot shower instead! By the time Steve got back, I was ready to have… Continue reading Viennese


The Belvedere

Originally published on 16 October 2015. Saturday morning dawned early for the O’Haleks! Not necessarily for the Viennese, but certainly for us. But a little jet lag is nothing that a brisk run can’t fix! Steve (very) graciously runs with me when we travel, which I love, but that means he has to run a… Continue reading The Belvedere


Weekend in Vienna

Originally published on 15 October 2015. Hello, my friends! Over Columbus Day weekend, Steve whisked me away to beautiful, historic, culturally significant Vienna, Austria! I’d been anticipating this trip for weeks, and then it was finally here! We left Thursday evening on an eight-hour flight from DC to Geneva. The flight was smooth, but despite… Continue reading Weekend in Vienna