COVID-19: How to Support Local Restaurant Small Businesses

Oh, Coronavirus. Will you ever go away? Everyone is feeling the pressure these days, but none as much as the small businesses. Restaurants everywhere, or every size, are taking a hit, but the local places we all love are feeling it most of all. But we can help! Did you participate in #TakeOutTuesday?

COVID-19: One Experience Flying within the U.S.

So, most people are not flying right now, and with good reason! My most recent flight was on Sunday, March 1, from Burlington (BVT) to Dulles (IAD), ten days before the panic and hysteria, and before the travel restrictions were put in place. However, I know many people have had to fly during this weird flux time, and experiences range from heavy testing and “holding pen” type situations, to chaotic and confusing.

COVID-19: What to Do Without Travel (for a Little While)

For those of us who use travel for stress-management, self-care, or a huge reward for our hard work, the thought of not traveling at all or being required to stay in quarantine for 14 days is alarming at the very least! So to alleviate your anxiety, here are a few things you can do to survive without travel—it’s just temporary. We can do it!