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White Star Line Trip of a Lifetime

The Titanic has captured people’s interest, imaginations, sympathy, and sorrow for over a hundred years now, and my younger brother is a superfan! And apparently so are a lot of other people. If you or a loved one have a particular interest in the Titanic, the White Star Line, or cruising in general, here’s your… Continue reading White Star Line Trip of a Lifetime

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21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Are you considering solo travel, maybe for the first time? It can be intimidating, particularly for women. But fear not! You totally got this. I am a firm believer that any place you go can be safe, but some places are generally safer than others if you’re just starting out and testing the solo travel… Continue reading 21 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

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What I Ate: Iconic Eats

It’s a very special What I Ate Wednesday… It’s my birthday! This year I’m celebrating with some of my favorite and most iconic “eats” around the world. When one thinks of Paris, they think of the Eiffel Tower… and a macaron. When one thinks of England, they think of Big Ben… and fish ‘n chips.… Continue reading What I Ate: Iconic Eats

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5 Reasons Montreal is Your Next Weekender

This Faraway Friday is actually not so far away. Sometimes you need to getaway, but you just don’t have enough time for a long vacation. That’s where a Weekender comes in! Here are 5 reasons Montreal is an excellent option for an exotic trip that’s not too far from home! 1. It’s a short flight… Continue reading 5 Reasons Montreal is Your Next Weekender

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What to Eat in Montreal

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Come along with me for some hardy eats in snowy Montreal, Canada! First Up: Poutine! You just really shouldn’t come to Montreal unless you plan to get poutine. Some people claim it was invented in Montreal! Classic poutine is made of French fries and cheese curds, covered in brown gravy.… Continue reading What to Eat in Montreal

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Top 10: Romantic Montreal

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Travel Tip Tuesday is all about romance and love. My sweet husband whisked me away for a romantic weekend in snowy Montreal, Canada! Here are our recommendations for the top 10 romantic sites and activities in romantic Montreal! 10. Breakfast at a Cafe Nothing kicks off a romantic weekend like a beautiful… Continue reading Top 10: Romantic Montreal

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What to Eat in Canada

It’s that time of the week again, and this week we’re eating our way through Canada–specifically Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI)! Get the melted butter ready–there’s loads of lobster to explore! Breakfast Lobster for breakfast? Sign me up! We also lucked out and found a couple of great cafes. One was Receiver Coffee… Continue reading What to Eat in Canada

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Halifax and the Never-ending Layover

It’s our last full day in Nova Scotia, so first up, a run for me! The harbor in Halifax is just beautiful, and such a great place to run! The boardwalk is really nice, and from the point where I started (straight down the hill from our hotel), it was a mile down to their… Continue reading Halifax and the Never-ending Layover

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Halifax: #1 in Cool Ships

Thursday morning we awoke early with the intent of journeying back to Nova Scotia! We opted for breakfast at the inn that morning, thinking it would be quick. How wrong we were! The food was good, but it took an hour for us to complete the meal and pay to get on our way! I… Continue reading Halifax: #1 in Cool Ships

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Anne and the Island Tour

Originally published on 16 July 2015. Today’s the day we go to Anne’s house! Well, L.M. Montgomery’s house anyway. Mom and I have been waiting for this experience since we were little girls. She has been waiting longer than I have! Mom and Joel slept in a while, but I just couldn’t help myself. I… Continue reading Anne and the Island Tour