The Best Way to Spend 36 Hours in Athens, Greece

Wow, y’all. I can’t believe how much I loved visiting Athens! The people are not just kind, they are proactively helpful. It’s very walkable, definitely affordable, and there’s so much to see and do! We only spent about 36 hours there on our recent trip, and I think we did a pretty good job of seeing as much as possible with our time, so I wanted to share our itinerary in case it helps you, too.

It’s just a taste, and you will most likely want to visit again for a longer trip, but for those of us who need to make the most of our vacation time, here’s how to spend 36 perfect hours in Athens, Greece!

Athens is uniquely beautiful!

Know What You Want to Do

If you don’t want to follow our itinerary exactly, that’s okay, too! Just know what you want to do and see. Use Trip Advisor, make notes, read through a guide book, whatever works for you. When you have limited time, it’s always important to know what you want to do and see before you get there. 

Know what you want to do so you don’t waste your precious time wandering around when you get there!
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Ask for Help

If you’re like my husband and me and you just can’t find the entrance to the sites, ask for help! As previously mentioned, the people of Athens were incredible kind, and proactively helpful. We were so impressed with their hospitality, and I think you will be, too. Don’t waste your time looking around—you don’t have all the time in the world after all!—just ask. 

We met so many kind people who were happy to help when we needed to ask quesitons!
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Make a Plan

This is the key to making the most of a short trip: Having a plan. It’s perfectly fine for the plan to change, but when you start with a plan, you’re starting on the right foot! You don’t need to plan every single minute of your trip (please don’t—have some flexibility!), but you do need to have a general idea of how your days will go. See below for a sample plan!

It’s always best to have a plan, especially a flexible one!
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Sample Itinerary

If you don’t know where to start and just want to follow an easy itinerary, you can have ours! 

Day 1


Arrive into Athens International Airport (ATH) and take the Metro or a Taxi into Athens. Check into your hotel, and store your luggage there if your room is not ready yet. 

Our hotel was perfect!
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Head Out

Once you’re unloaded and refreshed from your travels, keep yourself awake by staying outside to take advantage of the natural light, and get some walking in to help fight the jet lag. If you’re staying far from the historic area, feel free to take the metro or take a taxi to the first stop. Get food when you need to, but try to eat at “normal” times for your destination. This will help your body adjust to the time difference.

Don’t pay attention to the jet leg, just get going!
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First Stop: Buy Your Ticket at the Temple of Olympian Zeus

This is a less-visited site on the Athens Combination Ticket site list, so it’s the perfect place to get your ticket to all the sites on this itinerary without waiting in a long line. Don’t start at the Acropolis—you’ll waste valuable time just waiting to buy your ticket! This was once the largest temple in mainland Greece, but now only a few columns remain. 

There’s not a lot left of what was once the largest temple on mainland Greece!
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Second Stop: The Lykeion

Stroll through the National Gardens or take a taxi to the next site: the Lykeion. This is the place where athletes used to train, and where Socrates lectured as well. Archaeologists and historians also believe this to be the first school!

Doesn’t look like much at first, but you’ll want to look closer!
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Third Stop: Hadrian’s Library

This library dates back to 132 AD and was used to house scrolls and legal documents. People also came here to listen to lectures and attend philosophical schools. Since then, however, it’s also been used as a prison, customs house, military barracks, and the seat of Turkish government!

The columns are some of the most impressive pieces at this site! My husband was fascinated.
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Fourth Stop: Kerameikos

Located in the former potters’ district, the word “Kerameikos” gives us our word for “ceramics.” This is also an ancient cemetery, so you’ll see a lot of impressive markers while you’re here. Don’t miss the museum for more artifacts as well.

The stonework here is most impressive.
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Day 2

Morning Option: Morning Run at the Panatheanic Stadium

One option you have is to sleep in. Another option is to go for a morning run, or any outdoor workout you choose, at the Panathenaic Stadium, home of the first modern Olympics and site of the ancient Olympics! There is also a small museum here, and the Olympic torches are on display as well! It’s a good way to work off the jet lag, if you’re so inclined.

Don’t forget to include the stairs in your morning run, and check out the small museum!
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First Stop: The Acropolis

This is the reason you’re here! It’s the most recognized site in Athens–possibly in all of Greece–and it’s the most popular site. You’ll be glad you got your Athens Combination Ticket elsewhere so you can skip the line and head up first thing! There’s a lot to see here besides the Parthenon, however, so plan to spend some time and read some signs around here.

It’s the reason you came… The Parthenon!
Don’t forget to be a TRUE tourist and get a picture with the Parthenon while wearing your “Keep Calm and Parthenon” tee!
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Second Stop: The Ancient Agora 

Tip #1: The Ancient Agora is quite large! It was the primary gathering and market place in Athens, and the Apostle Paul preached here as well. There’s a lot to see, so wear your walking shoes, and don’t miss the associated museum as well.

The Ancient Agora was much larger than we expected!
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Third Stop: The Roman Agora

This is the Roman market place and social gathering spot dating back to Julius Caesar and the first century BC. Don’t miss the distinctive octagonal building, also known as the Tower of the Winds.

The Roman Agora is smaller, but impressive in other ways.
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Fourth Stop and Bonus: Changing of the Guard (Evzones)

Every hour, on the hour, 24 hours a day, you will find the Evzones performing their Changing of the Guard ritual in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. It’s a ceremony unlike any other.

This performance is unlike any other changing of the guard around the world.
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