10 Essential Blog Posts All Travelers Need to Read

If you’re like me, you don’t like to waste your time! You like to hit the highlights, and then indulge in a deeper dive into the points you find most interesting. So I’ve rounded up my most popular, most helpful, most essential blog posts that all travelers need to read. Haven’t traveled in a while? Here’s your refresher course! Click on any of the headings to read each blog post, and comment below with the one you found most helpful!

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Traveling

First things first, right? While experience is the best teacher, preparation is key! I wrote this one to celebrate 14 years of blogging and solo travel, and it’s one of the most practical posts I’ve written. And one of the most helpful, too! Here, you’ll find everything from taking more photos to a brief on how to handle customs, all of which I wish I’d known before I started traveling, or at least early in my travels.

Everyone’s different, but the more you travel, the more everyone becomes the same…

The 5 Ultimate Habits of Flexible Travelers

Along with preparation, flexibility is an essential skill for travelers to have. Trust me, you and everyone around you will travel happier if you can go with the flow! Being flexible can help you find better travel deals, get popular sites all to yourself, and even pack better! Check out Habits of Flexible Travelers for all the details!

Roll with the punches!

The Ultimate Guide to Passports

No passport? No travel. It’s essential! It can sometimes take a while to go through the process, so it’s important to be on top of it. Whether you’re getting one for the first time, changing your name, or renewing your passport, I’ve got your Ultimate Guide to Passports on the blog!

Have passport, will travel!

5 Ways to Embrace Cultural Differences

Travel can be frustrating when you’re jet lagged, in an unfamiliar place, and don’t speak the language. Even the most seasoned travelers get crabby now and then! But when we do a little research and know what to expect, and when we try to show respect to the people and the country we’re visiting, we all generally have a better time. Check out my post about Embracing Cultural Differences anywhere in the world!

Open eyes and an open mind are good for everyone!

What to Do If You Get Sick on Travel

I think this is at the top of all of our minds, at least since around March of 2020. In fact, I occasionally read the contestant profiles about The Amazing Race teams, and one of the most common answers for “What scares you most about traveling?” is getting sick! But you don’t have to be afraid of it; you just have to know what to do! My post all about What to Do When You get Sick on Travel is going to help you out!

There’s always a cure!

How to Travel Safely

Along with knowing what to do when you get sick, it’s also important to know how to keep yourself safe. Safety is a major concern for all travelers, but especially solo travelers, and even more especially solo female travelers. But I’ll tell you a secret: People do it every day! Spoiler alert: It’s a lot of self-awareness and a few tricks of the trade. Check it all out in my post about How to Travel Safely!

Take the adventure… but also be safe!

The Most Common Travel Planning Mistakes
(and how to avoid them!)

I’m not one to hide the good stuff. I like to share my best tips and insights! I’ve made a lot of mistakes and missteps over the years, and as a generally reasonable person, I like to think I’m not the only one. I wrote this post to help my readers skip the learning experince and just do it right the first time. Take a look, and let me know what you might add to this list of Common Travel Mistakes!

Mistakes are common… but they don’t have to be common for you!

What to Do When Your Flight is Cancelled

“Cancel Culture” takes on a whole new meaning when airplanes are involved. Instead of panicking (or worse, doing nothing), there are a few things you can do to figure out a solution, hopefully before the other 200+ people on your flight who are also trying to find a solution! See the post for the full run-down of What to Do When Your Flight is Cancelled.

A cancelled flight doesn’t have to leave you grounded!

What to Do When Your Travel Buddy Drops Out

If you travel with friends enough, it’s bound to happen… Your travel buddy leaves you hanging (with all the travel expenses, of course). But that doesn’t mean you have to cancel your trip or be angry about it the whole time! Going alone might just be the best gift your friend could give you. Here’s What to Do When Your Travel Buddy Drops Out.

It happens! But it doesn’t have to ruin your trip.

How to Be Your Own Travel Advocate

I saved the best for last! This is perhaps the most important post for travelers to read because being your own travel advocate can literally take you anywhere. It’s a matter of knowing your rights, knowing your airline’s rules, and keeping yourself organized. Trust me, you’ll want to read about How to Be Your Own Travel Advocate!

Knowing how to take up for yourself can take you far!

Want more? Check out all my best tips, hacks, and secrets on my dedicated Travel Tips Page!

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