5 Unexpected Things I’m Glad I Packed for Travel

I love being prepared. It basically makes me giddy. I live in my own little world where organizing is fun, packing is a game of Tetris, and lists are an extension of my brain. Call me weird, say I’m bananas, but never call me unprepared! 

I thought it might be useful to make a list (because it’s ALWAYS useful to make a list, you know) of some of the random things I use the most in my travels. I always plan to not need them, but then I’m always thankful I have them handy! Here’s a quick run-down of the most randomly useful things in my backpack. 

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Tweezers and Clippers

I am low-maintenance, y’all. I’m never going to be the traveler with perfect eyebrows, eight pairs of shoes, and three-inch nails. I will, however, be the one who’s able to pick out a splinter, cut off a hangnail, and pluck an ingrown hair I missed with my razor. You can also always use clippers to cut off a tag, or open a difficult condiment or snack bag. A good travel manicure set can come in more handy than you might think!

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I promise you, I used to have a stomach of iron. I could eat ANYTHING and not get sick. But in the last several years, that superpower has gone downhill in a hurry. But never fear–Pepto is here! 

Another fun fact about me: I hate taking medications. I just don’t like it. Between side effects and my OCD telling me, “Maybe I NEED that all the time now,” I just don’t like it. But I equally hate having a tricky tummy. Pepto bismol is the best solution I have found for emergency tummy troubles. You can even take it pre-emptively to prevent tummy troubles if you’re very prone to them or sensitive to unusual foods. I actually just discovered their ginger herbal blend, which I’ll definitely be trying next time I’m venturing out to rough seas or feeling, well, poorly.

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Zip Baggies

There are so many uses for zip bag, y’all. Aside from storing food for the airport and plane, I often use them to pack bar soap (especially if the hotel has great soap that I want to bring home with me!), bring along my gummy vitamins, and pack my liquid toiletries. I’m always glad I brought an extra zip bag! If you don’t like to reuse thinner plastic baggies (or can’t because they can tear), try these reusable baggies.

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Air travel is more dehydrating than you might think. Drinking water is super important, but so is chapstick! It’s something small enough to fit in your pocket, but it can make SUCH a difference in your comfort level.

It works wonders on your lips, of course, but I also have dry hands, especially around my nails for some reason. The fix? Chapstick. Rub a little on the skin around your nails, on that pesky patch of dry skin in a weird spot, or on your lips. You’ll be glad you brought some. And it’ll be even better if you can find it with sun protection like the ones below!

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Wrinkle Releaser

This is not just a lifesaver, but a clothing saver! I love that I can pack my clothes as tightly as I need to, and I don’t have to worry about them being wrinkled! But what I love just as much, if not more, is that the Downy brand I use also includes Febreeze! It’s perfect for refreshing a top or dress that would normally need to be washed so I can get just one more wear out of it. Because, you know. Life stinks, and sometimes you need to re-wear!

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Bonus: An Extra Pair of Undies and Socks

These aren’t so much random as they are essential! I felt like they deserved a bonus meniton here, however, because of how important it is to never be without them when you need them. I’m never sorry I packed an extra pair. Never. They take up so little space, but more importantly, when you need one of these, you need them

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