Packing Strategy 1: Roll with It!

Updated June 22, 2020.

It’s Packing Week! Travel season is here, and I’m letting you in on all of my packing strategies. People often take one look at my luggage and tell me I can’t possibly have packed enough for my trip, no matter how long or short. They ask me how I do it, and now I’m sharing my secrets with you!

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Packing Strategy 1: Roll with It

Rolling is by far the best trick I’ve learned in all my years of packing! I read about it in an American Girl Magazine when I was probably 11 or 12, and I’ve been doing it ever since–even in my drawers at home! My older brother used to bring his friends into my room to show them my unbelievably organized drawers of rolled up clothes. Seriously though, rolling will you save so much space, and you’ll see that your rolled clothes will be less wrinkled than folded clothes. This is your step by step rolling tutorial, Quick Whit style. Let’s start from the bottom up!


They may be unmentionable, but you definitely need to pack them!

Lay on a flat surface and fold in half.
Fold in half again.
Roll from the waistline.
Ready to pack!

Short-sleeved Shirts

Start on a flat surface.
Fold in half lengthwise.
Fold sleeves over.
Fold in half lengthwise to form a rectangle.
Roll from one end.
Finished and ready for packing!

Camisoles and Tank Tops

Start on a flat surface.
Fold in half, lengthwise.
Fold in half to form a square.
Roll from one end for packing.

Long-sleeved Shirts

Start on a flat surface. I like to start with the neckline toward me.
Fold in half.
Fold sleeves over.
Fold in half again.
Roll from the neckline for packing.


Start of a flat surface.
Fold in half.
Fold crotch over to form a rectangle.
Roll fromt he waistband.
Ready for packing!

Now, you’re ready to pack! Basically, no matter what shape it is starting out, do your best to make it a rectangular or square and roll it as tightly as possible. You can also use tissue paper or a plastic dry cleaner’s bag to roll with it for eve more wrinkle protection.

Do you have something to add about this strategy? Comment below and check my Packing Page for more packing strategies tips, and packing lists!

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