The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

I love stockings! Not the itchy, pantyhose-kind my mom used to make me wear, though. I love Christmas stockings. Even as adult children, I love that my mom still fills a stocking for all of us: my brothers, my, and my husband Steve (her favorite child–they share a birthday). She usually gets us pretty cool stuff, too. There are always fun socks, snacks, and usually something useful in a fun pattern, like the mini umbrella she got me this year that has donuts on it! So mom, you inspired me to do a post all about the BEST stocking stuffers for travelers this year!

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Travel-themed Stocking

First things first! This one is customizable with your favorite traveler’s name!

Foldable Backpack

I love a good packable bag! They’re great for day trips, long hikes, a day at the beach, as a carry-on or personal item, or even as an extra bag when you buy too many souvenirs or gifts on your travels! Every traveler needs one, and because they fold up so nicely, they’re perfect for a stocking stuffer!

Collapsible Water Bottle

I don’t go anywhere without a water bottle, and that’s easier when it’s collapsible! No traveler should take a long-haul flight without a water bottle, and they’re perfect to take on a hike or out on the town all day, too.

Mini Umbrella

When you don’t need an umbrella, it takes up too much space. When you do need an umbrella, you certainly wish you had a good one! A mini umbrella is the perfect solution for travelers. And yes, you can take it through TSA with your carry-on!

Compression Socks

These are essential for long flights. Swollen feet and legs are actually painful, if you didn’t already know that, and the easy fix is to wear compression socks. And who doesn’t like getting “stockings” in their Christmas stocking?!

Travel Detergent

The traveler in your life may not have laundry facilities at their disposal, but they will have a sink or tub! These TSA-approved laundry detergent packets are a life-saver (and space-saver!) for longer trips.

Reusable Cutlery

You might be surprised at how often travelers don’t go out to eat! Very often, we end up picking up take-out or going to the grocery store to save cash, and one’s own cutlery makes that a little bit easier!

AirPods Pro

These are useful all the time–not just on travel! My husband got a pair this year, and he loves them! These are noise-cancelling, which is practically invaluable in-flight, plus, they’re the perfect size to slip right into a Christmas stocking.

Travel Size Toiletries

These were practically made for stockings! They’re tiny! If I know anything about travelers, it’s that we go through travel size toiletries at an alarming rate. If someone filled my stocking with only travel toiletries, that would thrill my heart!

In my personal opinion, the best are solid soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, Tide pens, lotion, coconut oil, facial moisturizer, sunscreen, and hair products. Bonus points if you can get their preferred hair products! No travel size products at the store? Refillable toiletries containers are the gifts that keep on giving!

I hope this gives you some great stocking stuffer ideas for the traveler you love! Got more suggestions? Comment below!

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