The Best Gifts for Thrifty Travelers 2020

Gift giving season is HERE! Travelers can sometimes be hard to buy for, but you have insider information… mine! As a traveler, I always appreciate thoughtful gifts that are also useful, but I never appreciated them more than when I was single, self-supporting, and trying to travel as much as possible. If there’s a thrifty traveler on your Christmas list this year, these gifts are sure to let them know you care!

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Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Wise and thrifty travelers know that airport food is quite expensive, so we often bring our own. But plastic baggies are on the naughty list these days, and regular food storage containers take up a lot of space—especially when they’re empty! But collapsible containers take up far less space and can be rinsed out and reused over and over again.

Global Entry and TSA Pre-check

Global Entry comes with TSA Pre-check, which will save your beloved traveler so much time with every trip they take. The catch, of course, is that it costs $100, cutting into that travel fund they’ve worked so hard for! It would mean so much to them if you could pay for these services for them. My husband and I regularly save hours of waiting in line at TSA Security Checkpoints and Passport Control or Border Patrol Checkpoints at airports. Trust me, your thrifty traveler will thank you!

After a long flight, all travelers just want to get through customs and passport control quickly so they can get home!
Read on: How to Apply for Global Entry

Durable Luggage

Thrifty travelers sometimes skimp where they shouldn’t, and one of those ways involves luggage. It can be expensive, but good luggage will literally last a lifetime (and come with a lifetime warranty!). Osprey is my preferred brand because it’s incredibly durable, water resistant, and comes with a lifetime ” we fix it or we replace it” guarantee. And backpacks are usually better than roll-aboards because they leave both hands free!

Packable Coat

Another expensive item that many thrifty travelers skimp on is a warm enough coat for winter travels. They’re usually bulky, expensive, and let’s just be real: when you need it, you need it. A packable down coat is not only light weight and takes up very little space, but a good quality coat will last through years and years of travel!

Women’s Coat


RFID-blocking Card Holder

Anyone who’s traveling on a dime knows how important it is to keep their cards and money safe! RFID-blocking technology is pretty great because it blocks thieves’ card readers that will otherwise steal credit card information. This might be the best money-saving gift of all!

Women’s Wallet

Men’s Wallet

Money and Gift Cards

Of course, the classic money and gift card route is always a winner, too! Travelers can definitely benefit from cash, but if you prefer to give a gift card, the best one for travelers (in a traveler’s opinion) are Uber, Lyft, (or any hotel-related gift card), Southwest Airlines, Columbia or Dick’s or REI (so they can pick out their own travel gear), Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart (for those travel-size items). Take your pick or get creative for something that will be especially tailored to their interests and travel style!

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