2020’s Best Ethical and American Made Gifts for Travelers

Ready or not, Christmas is coming! I think it’s safe to say that in a lot of ways, 2020 was a totally bust, so I’m kicking off my Christmas gift guides early this year! First up, I’ve got your complete guide to ethically made, American made, small business-supporting gifts for the traveler in your life—or, in the case of 2020, the people in your life who desperately wish they were traveling this year! Check it out!

*This is not a sponsored post. These are products that I love, and I think they will make wonderful gifts for you or your loved ones!

Gift Boxes from Marie Mae Company

If you’ve ever read a gift guide from me, you know it involves Marie Mae! This company was founded by my dear friend Jillian, and for every item purchased, she donates an hour of her own time to give personal business training to former victims of human trafficking. That’s something I think we all want to be a part of!

Her notebooks, planners, to-do list notepads, stationery, and more are all made in the USA, and her gift boxes not only include items from other small businesses, but also ethically-made artisan items from all over the world! Check them all out on her website!

There are many Marie Mar gift boxes to choose from! Screenshot from Mariemae.com.

Order by December 18 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!

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Al Fresko Charcuterie Box

I actually found this company through a fellow blogger, and I got a special box delivered for my dad this past Father’s Day! It was such a hit, I wanted to make sure to include it here for you, too. It’s a woman-owned, small business out of San Diego, and the items in their boxes come from local small businesses, farmers’ markets, and farms. It’s the perfect gift for travelers who want a taste of something fresh from somewhere other than their own kitchen, you know? Even better, Al Fresko donates a portion of all proceeds to Corazon de Vida, a local non-profit that helps children and orphanages in northern Baja, Mexico.

Just a few of Al Fresko’s offerings!

Order by December 18 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!

Jewelry from The Worthy Co.

What’s the best travel accessory? Jewelry! The right pieces can completely change up an outfit, or just make you feel more pulled together after a long flight. I love the jewelry from The Worthy Co. because their pieces are absolutely beautiful, but also because they’re meaningful. In fact, 100% of the proceeds benefit survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and exploitation. They’re based in Fort Worth, TX, which happens to be one of the epicenters of human trafficking in the USA.

Just a sampling of their gorgeous pieces! Screenshot from Worthy-Co.com.

Order by December 18 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!

Lilli Dokken Jewelry

Lillian, of Lilli Dokken Jewelry, is one of those people you just want to be friends with. She’s kind, thoughtful, and she has a love and respect for the past, which tells you what a good person she is! Her pieces are all hand-made in the USA, she uses vintage elements in her designs (which you know I love!), and she personally inspects and wraps each piece before it’s sent to its new home. She has this statement on her website: “When jewelry holds a piece of history, it distinguishes itself and the individual wearing it.” Y’all, I love that!

I have several of her pieces myself, and let me tell you, they are on heavy rotation in my jewelry collection! Every time I’ve given Lilli Dokken Jewelry to friends or family, the recipent has gone on and on about how perfect and beautiful it is. If you’re looking for something truly beautiful, inspired by history with a modern twist, or simply as unique as the recipient, Lilli Dokken Jewelry is a sure bet!

Gorgeous jewelry for that special someone! Screenshot from LilliDokken.com.

Everything ships FREE! Order by December 18 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!

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The Lost and Found Travel Novella Series

Does someone in your life need an escape, even if it’s only between the pages of a book for now? I have just the thing! I used my quarantine time to start writing and publishing books, and so far I’ve written a 7-book series! My main character’s name is Sadie, and she has to use 480 vacation hours by the end of the year, which is no small feat for someone who is fully opposed to taking her vacation days! She takes her first trip to Kauai, Hawaii, for a reluctant adventure of a lifetime. From there, she visits Nantucket, Savannah, Vermont, Europe, and more!

Travel is the best, but reading a good story is the next best thing. Trying to buy American made this year? Amazon prints their books in America!

*The above is an Amazon affiliate link. This means that when you click the link and shop with me, you’re supporting my small business at no additional cost to you!

Usually ships within 5 days of initial purchase. Order by December 18 to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!

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