The Ultimate Date Night In Box Review for Travelers

Updated February 25, 2021.

As you may have noticed, travel hasn’t been too popular this year! Or maybe it’s been too popular, in the sense that “you always want what you can’t have.” Either way, I wanted to do something special for Steve’s birthday this year. Usually, we travel for events like anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and the like, but that wasn’t a possibility this year.

So I decided to subscribe to the Date Night In Box, which is a monthly subscription box for couples! I used to do “theme nights” for Steve and me—Roaring 20’s Night, Hawaiian Night, Beauty and the Beast Night, Dinosaur Birthday night (for Steve’s 47th), and Big Bang Theory Final Season theme night have all been favorites! But as life got more and more uncertain, and because I couldn’t go anywhere to get supplies because of quarantine, our theme nights dried up a bit. I thought this would be a fun way to jump back into it, and I was right! Here’s the scoop.

*This is not an affiliate post, and I have not received any compensation or free date night experiences in return for this blog post. I just love them! If you click any of the links below to get your Date Night In Box, you’ll be letting them know I’ve referred you!

Traditional Hawaii Date Night In! This one came with “mocktail” mixers!
Gets Yours Here!

Why Would I Want a Date Night In?

Because it’s fun! Steve and I have had so much fun on our date nights, and we look forward to them each month. I started the subscription because COVID was keeping us locked up inside, but after just three months, I am already planning to renew our subscription for another year! I think it’s great for newlyweds just starting out, couples who’ve been married a while and need a little something new to do together, or even for dating couples who want to get to know each other as well as possible! The discussion guides and activities foster tons of fun conversations!

We got to wrap our hands together with a lei and say what we love about each other!
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What’s It Like?

It’s fun! You’ll get an e-mail when your box ships each month with a link to track your shipment and a link to your upcoming box’s date night information! This link gives you a sneak peek at what will be in your box so you know what to prepare for if you’re a planner (like me!).


Each month’s box has its own Spotify playlist, which my husband Steve and I like to listen to it a few times through (especially since we’re working together from home during quarantine and beyond) even before our date night. The 80’s/90’s Throwback playlist is a particular favorite, and I sometimes use it still when I’m working out!

This was our 80s/90s Throwback date night. I also had an outfit for Steve, but he requested that I NOT post that picture!
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Discussion Guide

This is one of my favorite parts of the date night! Steve and I did a lot of talking before we got engaged and even more before we got married. Those were more serious discussions, though. The questions and talking prompts provided in each box are fun, thought-provoking, and things I never would have thought to ask!


So, there are two ways to handle the food. They give you fun recipes to follow, along with a shopping list so you have all the right ingredients. Or you can do what Steve and I usually do and get thematic take-out!

We picked up Hawaiian poke at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants for Hawaiian date night!
Have Your First Date Night In Here!


I have to say, the people at Date Night In Box do a great job with the games and activities! We’ve done “Truth or Dare or Karaoke,” “M.A.S.H.,” and “Turkish Draughts” (like Checkers), and one of our most favorites was candle making in a coconut! It smells like lime and coconut, and we had fun making it together! In the Around the World Box, we got a “love lock” for us to put somewhere special, just like people do on bridges and fences all over the world! I can’t wait to see what comes next month.

Party and game supplies!
We played Spin the Bottle on Movies and Chill Night!
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Faith Discussion Guide

This is a fun add-on to the regular Date Night In Box! For just about $4.00 more each month, you’ll get a Christian faith-based discussion guide that includes scripture, a prayer, and thought-provoking, Bible-based questions.

How Can I Get It?

Just sign up! You can sign up month-to-month ($41.99 per box), three months at a time ($40.00 per box), six months at a time ($39.83 per box), or for 12 months ($38.66 per box). These choices are great if you just want to try it out before committing to a whole year’s worth of dates, but I think you’ll love it! Shipping is FREE on all subscription types, no matter which one you choose!

Gift Cards

They also offer Date Night In Box gift cards! So, if you’d like to give this as a gift (or ask for it as a gift), that is a fun option. These make great wedding or anniversary gifts for couples you love!

Around the World Date Night In Box!
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Want more ideas for traveling with people you love? Check out the Couple Travels Section on my Travel Tips Page!

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