What to Eat in Zurich

Updated June 25, 2020.

When you think of Switzerland, what do you think of? Fondue? Fresh bread? Dairy products? Chocolate? Cheese? You can find all that and more in Zurich! Switzerland’s financial capital is a mix of everything: history, architecture, nature, big city, small town, and more, and all of that comes through in their food options. Check out what we ate on our recent trip!

Confiseri Sprungli

This was such a fun experience! It’s on the spendy side of things (even for Switzerland), but I was actually impressed with the portion sizes. Not all of the Sprungli shops have seating, so if you just want something sweet to grab and go, you can do that instead! But I have to say, it was pretty special to actually have lunch there!

Tomato Soup
Prosciutto-wrapped Veal over Saffron Risotto in Marsala Sauce
House-made Ricotta Ravioli with Pine Nuts, Sage Brown Butter, Lettuce, and Cheese
Cappuccino… it says “Sprungli”!
Sprungli Caramelito, which is Hot Chocolate, Caramel, and Espresso!
Cremeschnitte: similar to a Vanilla Napoleon!
These are what Sprungli is famous for! These tiny macarons come in every color and flavor.

Kafi Zuri

We stopped into this little cafe on our first night in Zurich because we were pretty sleepy and just wanted a little something to-go before an early bedtime. We were pleasantly surprised at all the options! We both opted for salad because let’s face it: airplane food is less than healthy and delicious!

My Winter Salad, including Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Garbanzo Beans, Greens, and Tandoori Dressings
Steve’s Chicken and Spinach Salad with Creamy Dressing


If you’ve been to Switzerland, you’re already familiar with Migro and Coop, the two major grocery stores! And if you know anything about Steve’s and my travel habits, you know we like to peruse local grocery stores when we travel. It shows a lot about a country! And we like to pick up some groceries sometimes so we don’t have to eat out for every meal.

Fresh Pretzel, Creamy Cheese, Sushi (Steve knows my favorite!), and a “Power Salad” with Lentils, Tomatoes, and Edamame

Kafi Augustin and Juice Market

We stumbled upon this little place in the Altstadt (Old Town), and Steve romantically whisked me right in for an afternoon sweet! It was wonderful!

Steve’s Cappuccino and Cookie
Lemon-Ginger Tea with Honey (for my cold!)
Carrot-orange Cake with Chocolate Chips
Chocolate-coated Chocolate Cake dusted with Powdered Sugar

Bretzel Stand at Coop

There was a little kiosk selling pretzels (Bretzel) right outside of Coop (or was it Migro?), and we stopped here for a couple of sandwiches to go. It sounds simple and unoriginal, but I’m telling you, European pretzels are so much better than you think they could possibly be!

My Brie Pretzel
Steve’s Smoked Salmon Pretzel


After a couple of hours hiking up Uetliberg Mountain, we needed a hearty, heavy, Swiss meal! There’s a hotel and fancy restaurant at the peak, as well as a few quick to-go spots for something less formal but just as yummy. We chose Allegra because Steve likes to sweep me off my feet!

Veal Roesti, Zurich Style: Veal with Mushroom Sauce and Hash Brown Potato Patty
Pork Cordon Bleu: Breaded Pork, Gruyere Cheese, Ham, and French Fries

Spaghetti Factory

This is not the same Spaghetti Factory Americans may be thinking of! We wandered around the Altstadt on our last full day in Zurich, and this menu caught our eye. I’m a sucker for gnocchi, and being sick on our trip had me craving all the carby comfort foods!

Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar and Salad
The best bowl of gnocchi I’ve ever had! Gnocchi, Sage, Butter, and Wild Boar Ham
The Drei (Three) Special: Spaghetti, Cream, Bacon, Spinach, and Fried Egg

Honold Tea Room

We passed by this shop early on our trip to Zurich, but we were already quite full from our lunch! I’d almost forgotten about it until our last day in Zurich, while we were searching for one last afternoon coffee and a sweet! It must have been fate.

Cappuccino and Chocolate Mousse
Chocochino (Hot Chocolate and Espresso) and Vermicelli Diplomat (Chestnut Paste “Noodles” over Diplomat Creme, served with Meringue)

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  1. The photos are so amazing, I literally had water in my mouth going through your post.

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Thanks so much! Switzerland definitely has some of the best food in the world!

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