The Best Food to Eat in Waikiki

Updated July 1, 2021.

I like to eat all over the world. Sushi in Japan. Pierogis in Poland. Pad Thai in Thailand. Afternoon tea in England. I’ll pretty much try anything. But in all my travels (including five trips to Hawaii!), there were still two food firsts for me this trip! Read on to find out what!


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? When it’s breakfast time, it feels that way! My favorite breakfast place in Waikiki is Island Vintage Coffee, but unfortunately, the secret is out about how amazing it is! We waited in line over half an hour for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Worth it!

Steve’s incredible bacon, egg, and cheese bagel with avocado from Island Vintage Coffee
Peanut butter and papaya sandwich from Island Vintage Coffee
Cinnamon roll from Big Wave Dave Cafe
Big Brekkie Wrap from Big Wave Dave: spinach, egg, cheese, potatoes, and Portuguese sausage in a wrap!
Steak and cheese panini from Big Wave Dave


Okay, so Steve and I tend to eat a big breakfast that can power us through until mid-afternoon… when we finally stop for a hearty mid-afternoon meal we like to call “lupper”! If you haven’t already guessed, this is a lunch and supper mash-up.

Edamame appetizer from Furusato Sushi
Waikiki Bridge! This is a bridge of sushi for two. I love how Steve indulges me with sushi when we travel! From Furusato Sushi
Complimentary green tea at Furusato Sushi
Coconut Shrimp at Duke’s Waikiki
A sampling from the Buffet at Duke’s Waikiki
Fish sandwich (on an amazing Hawaiian roll bun) and house-made chips from Duke’s Waikiki
Grocery store assortment before heading to the airport: chicken cypress sandwich, Hawaiian-style pork bun, sushi, fried chicken, spam musubi, and seafood summer rolls
Spam Musubi! My first ever spam… and probably my last!

Sweets and Snacks

You know I needed my sweets! And coffee. And special snacks! Because vacations are indulgent, right?

Mauna Kea Iced Coffee… because coffee tastes even better with caramel, black lava salt, and gelato! From Island Vintage Coffee
Lava Mocha: Iced coffee with dark chocolate and creamy caramel from Island Vintage
Ono Latte from Big Wave Dave: made with macadamia nut flavor and coconut milk
Post-run treats from the Royal Hawaiian Bakery: iced latte with macadamia nut, guava juice, and banana-macadamia nut muffin
No trip to Honolulu or Waikiki is complete without a trip to Honolulu Cookie Company!
Island Vintage Coffee is known for their açaí bowls, and they’re beautiful so of course I had to have one! It’s a Lilikoi Moana Bowl: lilikoi, banana, strawberry, papaya, house-made granola, honey, and açaí! Isn’t it fun that they serve them in these mugs?
If you didn’t get a classic Hula Pie, did you really go to Duke’s?
Also a first for me… Shave Ice! This one is papaya shave ice, haupia, and coffee boba.

Are you ready to eat your way across Waikiki? Me, too!

Want more? Check out my Hawaiian Islands Page for all things Hawaiian, and my World Foods Page for all the best eats!

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  1. The sushi bridge looks pretty incredible!

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      It was just as good as it looked!

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  3. i had a seshur seing the food

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