10 Things to Do in Boston

Updated July 21, 2020.

Why did I choose to visit Boston? For the history! And for so much more. Whether you’re a history lover, visiting impressive colleges, or just want to try a real Boston cream pie, Boston has a lot to offer anyone! Here are my top 10 recommendations for your trip to Boston!

1. Baseball Game

Take me out to the ballgame! Everyone who knows anything about baseball has heard of Fenway Park, the oldest park still in use (since 1912!). It’s almost the stuff of legends: the Green Monster, that one red seat, the Red Sox’s 84-year streak of not even making it to the World Series between 1920 and 2004. Babe Ruth, Cy Young, and Ted Williams all left their mark on Boston’s baseball history. A baseball game at Fenway is an experience you won’t forget!

Didn’t make it there on a game day? Take a tour of the stadium! 

2010.09 080
Teammates at Fenway Park
You’ll find this activity on my 1 Day in Historic Boston Itinerary!

2. Freedom Trail

If history is your passion or even just your interest, plan to spend a whole day exploring the Freedom Trail. Highlights are Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, the Old North Church, Paul Revere’s House, Bunker Hill, and the USS Constitution! Check out my Guide to the Freedom Trail for all the details and things to know before you go! 

2010.10 080
The legendary Freedom Trail!
Get all the details: Your Ultimate Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail

3. The Marathon (or a running tour)

Runners from around the world descend on Boston every April for the longest-running marathon in the country: the Boston Marathon. But even if you’re not up for the full 26.2 mile dash, you can take a running tour with Run Boston. It’s one of the best things I did in my Year of Active Travel! Read all about my experience here! 

Live the dream: How to Take a Running Tour of Boston

4. Eat a Boston Cream Pie

Will travel for food, am I right? The Boston Cream Pie was invented at the Parker House Hotel (not the Omni Parker House), and it is the official dessert of the State of Massachusetts! You will find them in bakeries all over the city, but the original can be had at the Parker House Restaurant inside the hotel. Worth it.

Boston Cream Pie at the Parker House Restaurant
 Check out everything I ate in What to Eat in Boston!

5. College Visits

You won’t find me gracing the halls of Harvard, Cambridge, or MIT, but anyone can tour the campus and get a sweatshirt! And if you’re thinking of going to one of these prestigious schools, a trip to Boston should definitely be on your list of things to do!

6. Boston Tea Party Museum

Great for both kids and adults, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is a must-visit for a trip to Boston. Learn the facts, the history, and the legends, then throw the tea overboard for yourself! You can even buy some tea to take home with you in the gift shop. 

Boston Tea Party Museum and Ships

7. Ride on a Swan Boat at the Public Garden

Looking for a way to relax while still making the most of your time in beautiful Boston? Take some time to visit the Public Gardens and let someone else paddle you around the pond on the iconic Swan Boats. In another fun piece of Boston’s history, this company has been run by the same family for over 100 years! 

Swan Boats!
Need more? What to Know Before You Visit Boston

8. Stay in one of the Historic Hotels

If you’re looking for yet more ways to experience American history, you have to check in to one of the historic hotels in Boston. I stayed at the Omni Parker House on my trip, and I could not have been more pleased. Not only are they famous for Parker House rolls and Boston Cream Pie, they have done a remarkable job of preserving and displaying the hotel’s historic significance: the door to the rooms where Charles Dickens stayed and wrote for several months, an invitation to President Lincoln to come and speak at the hotel, and more! 

Artifacts from the hotel’s history on display.

9. Eat at Quincy Market

There’s really very little in the way of avoiding the crowds here, but those crowds come in their numbers with good reason: there’s something for everyone! Enjoy some Bostonian treats, authentic foods, and even some shopping here. Word to the wise: take your food to go and eat outside when the weather is nice! 

Quincy Market!

10. Learn about Colonial Printing

I’m about to reveal just how historically nerdy I am. One of my most favorite discoveries was the Eads and Gill Printing Office inside Faneuil Hall. The gentleman working the printing press was excellent—he answered every question, repeated himself for people who missed part of his explanations, and he had the best explanation of the “long S” character that I have ever heard. Defintely take a few minutes to stop by and see how printing was done before electronic printing came on the scene!

Eads & Gill Printing Office

Are you ready to put Boston on your “to go” list? Find everything you need and more on my United States Page!

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  1. I love your list. I love Boston. I’d go to Boston any day before New York.

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