Qatar Airways Lounge Review, DOH

Updated June 23, 2020.

My trip to Doha on Qatar Airways was definitely one to remember, and the experience was only enhanced by their world-class lounge at Hammad International Airport (DOH)! So I decided to give you a sneak peek—even in the shower!

The lounge is announcement-free, which is nice for resting purposes, but that means you have to make sure you know when your flight starts boarding! You will show your boarding pass at the bottom of a set of escalators, then ascend into the lounge of dreams…

First Impression

Upon topping the escalator, you are greeted by a soothing pond and calming colors. There’s a large spiral staircase with a beautiful chandelier extending the entire height of the staircase.

Lovely pond with cushy chairs to relax in.
Gorgeous, impressive chandelier!

Luggage Storage

To the right as you walk into the lounge, there is a large storage area for your luggage. Each locker is programmable with a code of your choice. This is especially convenient for solo travelers like myself. Sometimes it’s just not at all fun, sanitary, or appealing to have to lug your carry-ons to the bathroom with you. Hooray for secure storage!

Lockers for luggage storage.
My bag fits!

Lounging Areas

The most important part of a lounge is… the ability to lounge! The Qatar Airways lounge has multiple lounging areas, multiple seating options, and convenient amenities like electronic notebooks and charging stations. There was a smoking lounge, a quiet room, a green space in the middle, lounging areas by the window, and lounging areas with privacy walls up in case someone needed to get some work done. There were also pastries, coffee, tea, and juice stations scattered about should you desire some!

IMG_0655 2
Open seating area
Greenery in the lounge.
Espresso, anyone?


And speaking of pastries, that’s not all there was to eat. There were two restaurants in the lounge: one sit-down, the other buffet-style. The buffet upstairs seemed to be well-stocked with a variety of Arabic, European, and American-style options.

Plenty of options to try!

I chose to eat at the sit-down restaurant because I don’t like the buffet set up in general. It’s a little too chaotic for me! So I chose a seat in the other restaurant, ordered a juice and a latte, and relaxed a while! Everything on the menu was tempting, but I chose a veggie grilled cheese! It wasn’t tea time at the Ritz or anything, but there was attentive waitstaff, comfortable seating, and it was quiet compared to the buffet upstairs.

Veggie Breakfast Sandwich in the Qatar Airways Lounge in Doha
Coffee and Orange Juice in the Qatar Airways Lounge in Doha
Fun lighting in the restaurant

Bathroom and Shower Room

This is the best part of any lounge if it’s available. Travel shouldn’t be gross, right? I mean, you’re just sitting on a plane for hours on end, right? But somehow, I always feel so gross when I’m traveling. Having an opportunity to shower either on a long layover or before a long-haul flight is incredibly refreshing.

So excited to get my shower!

The ladies’ shower room in the Qatar Airways lounge had two separate shower areas, both of which are cleaned after each use. Towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are all provided, but I was a little surprised there were no razors, combs, or hair driers, but really a towel, soap, and conditioner were all I needed!

Towels Provided
IMG_0676 2
Shower Gel, Conditioner, Shampoo

There was also a toilet room inside as well as plenty of space to stow your luggage and hang up your clothes while you’re showering.

Plenty of off-the-floor storage space!

The shower itself was quite spacious, with both a rainfall shower head and a hand-held shower head as well!

Shower time!

Game Room

It’s true! There is a separate game room with a foosball table, video games, large TV, and comfortable seating! Oh, and a race car. Who knew?

Game Room!
Video Games!

Think you could spend a few hours here before a flight or on a layover? Let me know in the comments! And check my Air Travel Page for more airline lounge reviews!

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