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Updated June 23, 2020.

I am so excited to share this experience with you! I’ve heard over and over again that the Middle Eastern airlines are the best in the world, and I have finally experienced the excitement for myself. Not only was it less expensive to fly Qatar Airways from D.C. to Doha, Qatar, than it would have been with my usual airline alliance, it took less than half the time! Here’s the inside scoop on flying Qatar Airway Business Class.


I was so excited to find out that Qatar Airways has recently created “Q-Suites.” The Business Class seats are fully, individually enclosed for maximum comfort and privacy! My experience with Qatar Airways and its Business Class was definitely the best flying experience I’ve had.

My Q-Suite! The “8A” lights up red when I put on the “Do Not Disturb” feature.
View from above
Very cushy seat
Seat-side stowage including water, noise-cancelling headphones, and reading material. Plus additional space for your phone or any things else you might want access to while your carry-on is in the overhead bin!
Fully closed door!
They made the bed for me: Mattress pad, large pillow, and comforter on a fully flat seat!


I might look more forward to the amenities kits than anything else–well, except for the lay-flat seats so I can sleep! Qatar Airways provides high-quality products for maximum comfort at 35,000 feet. The pajamas were warm and cozy, the moisturizer worked really well. I love when airlines provide slippers, and pajamas are an extra luxurious amenity that more airlines are including on long-haul flights!

My purple amenities kit by Bric! I also saw navy blue and light blue.
Inside the kit!
Eye mask, moisturizer, lip balm, facial mist. Not pictured: earplugs. Whoops!
Pajamas by The White Company London.
Razor and shaving cream; nice toothbrush and toothpaste. Both available in the restrooms.
My purple socks and black slippers!


Airline entertainment has moved beyond just movies in recent years, and Qatar Airways provides options from Hollywood to Bollywood, from games to music, from maps to destination guides! You can even read the Q’aran, and there is a compass screen that cycles through with the map pages that shows the direction of Mecca at all times. I brought a book to read on my 12.5 and 14 hour flights to and from Doha, but I didn’t actually open it even once! I spent my time sleeping, eating, watching movies, and I even watched an episode of the Pioneer Woman! That’s the last thing I expected to see on a Middle Eastern airline!

Huge TV!
Handheld game remote and power outlets for phones and other personal entertainment devices.
Destination guide to Qatar Airways destinations, like the Souq Waqif!
Flying over a part of the world I never thought I’d see!


As you might imagine, the service was incredible! The flight attendants were always smiling, consistently asked what they could do for me or if they could get me anything. I asked for the bedding, and one of the flight attendants made my seat into a bed while I was in the restroom brushing my teeth! The head flight attendant came to speak to me personally on both flights to make sure I was comfortable and ask if I needed help with any of the controls. And I’m glad they asked, because I did! There were a lot of buttons and a lot of lights, and it was a little overwhelming at first.

Seat controls, one of several light dimmers, and DND button for “Do Not Disturb.”

Good Eats

And finally, the part everyone looks forward to… food! Stay tuned, because I have a whole blog post coming out soon all about What I Ate on the Plane, but for now, I’ll leave you with this. Let’s just say I ate well!

Crab Mac and Cheese for breakfast? Yes, please!

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