Packing for Ladies: Amsterdam in April

Updated June 23, 2020.

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! I leave for Amsterdam tonight, so stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for update from the tulip festival in Holland! But first I have to pack, right? The forecast calls for rain every day and temperatures in the 40s-low 60s Fahrenheit. Not ideal weather in my opinion, but I’m pumped to make the most of it!

On the Plane

My travel gear has to be versatile. Planes can be hot, cold, dry, etc., so I always bring multi-use clothing–like a scarf!. The jacket (in my carry-on below) will help me stay warm, and the scarf can be a light blanket, face cover to keep extra light out, or even a pillow in a pinch. Jeans are perhaps not the most comfortable choice, but for such a short trip (4 days) I don’t usually bring more than one pair of pants with me. Jeans it is! And the black boots will travel right through TSA Pre-check, keep me warm and dry on the rainy Dutch days, and help me frolic through the tulip fields!

Dark-wash jeans go with everything!

In My Carry-on

A general run of thumb when packing is to take half the clothes and twice the money you think you’ll need. It’s true! I’m only taking two tops and planning to rewear at least one, if not both. Since the forecast calls for rain, I have to also pack my raincoat and an umbrella. And I’ll definitely work out a day or two, so workout clothes are a must.

Clothing Essentials

I like to pack light! My mom got me the bicycle shirt just for this trip, and the green sweater is “springy” yet warm! The black long-sleeved shirt is just an extra layer to keep me warm on chilly, potentially rainy mornings underneath either of these shirts, or the pink one above.

Two tops, socks, big girl panties, and a base layer long-sleeve shirt if it’s cooler than I like.

Showers bring flowers, so I need to be prepared for them!

Raincoat and umbrella

Workout Gear

There are a few things you can do to battle jet lag–staying in the daylight as long as the sun is out, drink water, and my favorite: morning exercise! Even just a few bodyweight moves at your accommodation when you wake up will help your body know it’s time to be awake and start the day! So I always pack a set or two of workout clothes to take with me. Sometimes I leave them behind to make room in my luggage on the way home if needed.

Ready to hit the gym!

In My Personal Item

I’ll be traveling on an 8 hour red-eye in economy class. That means comfort is key! I’m not a strong plane sleeper, but I’ll sure try! And I have a few things to help me with that.

My Purse

In my plaid travel purse I keep kind of a lot of things. I’ll be wearing the purple jacket, but I also packed in my passport, glasses, water bottle, travel mug, tea bags and Emergen-C, toiletries bag (to help me stay fresh in-flight!), phone charger, earbuds, reading material, compression socks, and slippers! Seems like a lot for a light packer, but it’s all strategic, I assure you!

Overnight flight survival kit!


I like to keep my toiletries bag in my personal item (in this case, my purse) so I can keep fresh in flight and just before landing. Brushing my teeth, reapplying deodorant, and touching up make up go a long way in helping me feel I’m ready to begin a new day!


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