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Packing for Men: Weekend in Singapore


It’s What I Wore Wednesday! My sweet husband and I just got home from a whirlwind weekend in exotic, hot, beautiful Singapore! I posted all about my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, so this week we’re looking at my husband’s packing list.

On the Plane

We were in Economy Class for the majority of our journey, so compression socks were essential to prevent swollen legs and feet, which can be uncomfortable. He’s usually quite hot-natured, but sometimes planes can be really cold! So he always packs a long-sleeved pull-over just in case. And of course, comfortable shoes are important, too.

Airplane gear–don’t forget the compression socks!
Daily Wear

My husband is so easy to pack for. His “uniform” is polos and jeans for cold weather, and polos and shorts for summer! I picked out two light colors for the days we would be in Singapore, and a dark color for the flight home–to show fewer stains, just in case!


My husband likes to be active every day, and this is the Year of Active Travel! We planned to go hiking at least one day, and maybe both days we were there, so he needed some options to stay comfortable because Singapore is not only hot, it’s also extremely humid. And we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, meaning he needed a legit bathing suit–not just shorts to wear in the pool!

Plenty of options!

Don’t forget socks and undies everytime you pack!

Was this helpful to you in planning your exotic weekender? I hope so!

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