Packing for Ladies: Weekend in Singapore

Updated June 23, 2020.

It’s What I Wore Wednesday, and this week I’m packing for my whirl-wind weekend in Singapore! It’s easy to pack light for a hot destination, but since I’ll only be there about 48 hours, going carry-on only will be even easier! Here’s how to make it work.

On the Plane

Comfort is key here, my friends! These wide-leg yoga pants are awesome for long flights (the leg of my journey from San Francisco to Singapore is over 17 hours)! It’s winter where I am, but forever summer where I’m going, so this light-weight pink shirt is the perfect thing to wear. I’ll also be bringing a scarf to use as extra coverage if the plane is too chilly. The polka-dot compression socks are essential for a long trip in Economy Class. This will keep my feet and legs from swelling uncomfortably.

On the Way There

Light long-sleeve shirt, vest, yoga pants, comfortable shoes, compression socks

On the Way Home

I like to bring one thing to wear home that will be completely clean and fresh, especially knowing the journey home with flights and layovers will be nearly 21 hours! This dress is incredibly comfortable, and I can easily change out of it and back into my pants and pink shirt if I start to get chilly.

Comfy Dress

Hiking and Working Out

Though Singapore is known more for its shopping districts, I recently found out there are a couple of hiking trails! Moisture-wicking workout clothes are so easy to pack and so comfortable. An added bonus of the tops below? They each come with a built-in bra. That’s one less thing to pack and one less thing to wash when I’m abroad or when I get home! Also, I always go with black pants because they won’t show stains and they go with just about anything I have to put with them.

Same capri pants, two different tops

Daily Wear

One of the best clothing items I have ever purchased is the dress below. I liked it so much, I got three more in different colors! It’s comfortable, light, moisture-wicking, and packs well. I can take it from a pool cover-up to a night out at a seaside restaurant with just a pashmina or piece of jewelry and nice sandals. It’s flattering for my body type, and of course, black travels well! I’ll be using this for the day I plan to be out exploring the city or going to dinner.

Little black dress, sandals, and jewelry options to change it up

Also, don’t forget socks and undies!

Always back an extra pair of both!

Bathing Suit

I’ll be staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, famous for its unique shape and rooftop infinity pool! I live in a place that super cold in the wintertime, so I’m excited for some outdoor pool time on my trip! If you’re packing for a similar trip, especially going from a cold place to a warm destination, don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, and perhaps a hat!

Bathing gear

In My Personal Item

A well-packed personal item will make your travels go much more smoothly. I can fit all of this (including my plaid purse) inside my carry-on bag, but if you like to keep things separate, these are the things I recommend keeping in your personal item (purse, briefcase, small backpack), as opposed to your carry-on (backpack or duffel that goes in the overhead bin).

Plaid cross-body backpack/purse, reading material, glasses, travel tumbler, 32-ounce water bottle, 20-ounce collapsible water bottle, tissues, notebook, and pen.

In my personal item

Now I’m ready for a weekend in exotic Singapore! Was this helpful for your own packing purposes?

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  1. Can I ask where your black dress and swimsuit is from? Thanks

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Amazon! But I got them about 8 or so years ago. Here are some similar ones!

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