Guide to Heidelberg’s Christmas Markets

Updated August 13, 2020.

It’s Faraway Friday! This week’s featured far-off place is not just far from where I live, it’s also like a trip far back into the past! Would I call it magical? Absolutely! This is your guide to the Heidelberg Christmas Markets!

What to See

If you’re in Heidelberg at Christmastime, you are in for a visual treat! The decorations are over-the-top festive, and the feeling you get from the Christmassy smells and live music only add to the seasonal excitement!

Festive and fun carousel!
Pyramide with an historic backdrop.
The view literally right outside my hotel door!
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There were at least six Christmas Markets within walking distance of Altstadt (Old Town), and each one was charming and festive! There was a roving caroler who brought music with her and sang her way around each market every day! If anything feels like Christmas, it’s Heidelberg in December!

What to Eat

Come hungry, friends! For the low-down on what I ate (it was not possible to try all the options in just three days!), check out my post on What I Ate at the Heidelberg Christmas Market! Here is the run-down of some of the other delicious foods they have to offer!


Chocolate-covered everything!
Lebkuchen Cookies!


Sausages and onions!
Leberknoedel with sauerkraut
Spiral potato

The Making of a Banana Nutella Crepe

Still hungry? What to Eat at the Heidelberg Christmas Markets

What to Drink

This is the one thing I got every day! Most people go to German Christmas Markets for the gluhwein, but for me, it’s all about the kinderpunsch! Other ohne-alkohol (non-alcoholic) options are cranberry punch, and apple punch! Walking from market to market with a warm mug of fresh beverage is just what you need to enjoy the chill in the air!

Kinderpunsch: my warm beverage of choice!
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What to Get

There are so many beautiful things at the Christmas Markets. There are decorations for your home, gifts for friends and family, and authentic German souvenirs. And don’t forget you can keep your exclusive Heidelberg Christmas Market mug!

Candles and elves
Soaps, ornaments, and figurines
Look at the inviting shopping stalls!
Christmas stars and little village homes
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Ready to make the trip over to Heidelberg’s beautiful, charming, joy-filled Christmas Markets yourself? I hope these photos leave you inspired! Check out my Germany Page for more!

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  2. If you ever want to sell the green mug, let me know; my daughter’s beau got them matching ones & I just broke hers😭

    1. Oh no! I actually did not keep mine because we have too many mugs at home already. You might check ebay, though! ♥️

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