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Happy Black Friday! Whether you slept in this morning or you camped out at your favorite retailer all night long, I’ve got a few things in mind for the traveler in your life. The photos below contain affiliate links via Amazon. This means if you purchase a product from one of these links, you will be helping me grow my business! I am not receiving any of these products for free; I have chosen only products I love and use (or similar to what I use)! Click the photo below to get yours!

Anything from Marie Mae Company

This is hands-down my favorite company, and I love all of their products! Their amazing small notebooks come in packs of two and are the size of a passport. I always throw one in my bag and I always end up using it to write down directions, draw maps (or have a local draw one for me), or make notes for my blog! All their products from office supplies to planners to Good Office Boxes come with a one-for-one guarantee: For every item purchased, Marie Mae will give an hour of business training to a woman in a developing market. 

External Battery Charger

This comes in handy for travelers because we often find ourselves unable to attach to a wall! They come in several shapes, sizes, and colors, but the important thing is to have at least one 100% charge to give their phone maximum usage time. When I travel, my phone is my map, my camera, my contact with home (so my mom doesn’t worry), my photo editor, my blog editor, and more, so it needs to have power while I’m out and about!

Compression Socks

They can be as fun or as bad as you like, but they are more helpful than you think on long flights! I have a polka dot pair, and my sweet husband has two black pair. I forgot them once on a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Three flights and 24 hours later, my poor legs and feet were so swollen, it was unbelievable. Plus I was exhausted, plus I felt generally gross. Now I remember to pack my special socks!

Scratch Off Map

This is one of my favorite things in our home! Every traveler wants one–no really, they do! It’s a conversation piece, an inspirational piece, and a pride piece. All you need is the map and a quarter for scratching!

Gift Cards

Travelers are usually saving, so while cash might be the preferred gift for many, gift cards for something they’d feel guilty spending money on are good options, too! Some suggestions are Starbucks, REI, L.L. Bean, Target, Amazon,, gift cards for gas stations, Barnes and Noble, or anything else they may be interested in.

Water Bottles or Tumblers

Hydration is very important on travel. Flying is dehydrating, and buying bottled water can get expensive. My refillable water bottle and tumbler go with me on every trip, no matter where! Look for leak-proof, spill-proof, and BPA-free. I’ve had good luck with Nathan, Nalgene, and Contigo brands.

Make it even better: include some individually-wrapped teabags or packages of Emergen-C inside!

Solid Toiletries

When you’re trying to avoid checked bag fees, toiletries can be tricky. You can only have three ounces of anything, but all of your three-ounce containers have to fit into a one-quart plastic bag. So, solids are valuable! My favorite lotion barssoap, and shampoo come from Truly-Life. You need to brush regularly, so now you can even get solid toothpaste! Now if I could just get someone to make solid contact solution…

Soap that’s also good for your hair


This might be something you let your traveler choose before you purchase. Different people have different luggage needs and preferences, but every traveler wishes someone else would pay for a good pack!

For the Ladies…

This Dress

Girls, this is the best travel dress I have ever found. I have it in four colors! The black one dresses up or down, the style is flattering for many body types (including petites), they dry quickly, and they pack with minimal wrinkling. Add earrings and nice sandals and you’re ready for a nice dinner. Put it over your bathing suit and go to the beach or pool! Trying to survive the Texas heat in summer? This is your dress. It’s my #1 favorite!

Solid Black:


A Blanket Scarf

Airplanes can get cold! And sometimes you really want to explore a Christmas Market, even in freezing weather. Blanket scarves are the best of both worlds–warm and stylish! If you have a lady traveler in your life, she will probably be happy to receive a beautiful, warm scarf.

Are you a traveler? What’s on your wish list? Do you love a traveler? I hope this was helpful or you! Love this post? Pin it for later!

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