10 Reasons to Visit Tallinn

Updated August 13, 2020.

It is Faraway Friday! This week I’m taking you back in time to Medieval Tallinn, Estonia. This is such an adorable, almost storybook town, and it quickly became one of the most enchanting places we’ve ever visited. Let me show you 10 reasons why!

10. Hotel Schlossle

I am not receiving payment for this mention, nor did we receive a complimentary or discounted stay, it was just a spectacular experience. Hotel Schlossle is stunning, charming, and historic. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, and when they realized it was my birthday, they brought my husband and me a little treat to celebrate! The hotel was newly renovated as well, but they stayed remarkably true to the buildings’ history.

Birthday Tart!

9. This 13th Century Staircase

And speaking of the hotel’s charm and history, this is the staircase that led up to our hotel room! There were grooves in the steps from wear over the centuries. Charming, yes, but thank goodness for the handrail!

13th century!

8. Town Square Apothecary (Raeapteek)

This is the oldest operating apothecary in all of Europe! They sell typical, modern-day pharmaceuticals, but doubles as a little museum, too. We highly recommend a visit!

Apothecary Symbol
Tools and artifacts from times past!

7. Marzipan

And while you’re visiting the cute apothecary, make sure to get a little taste of marzipan–possibly invented by accident right there in that store!

Invented here

6. Estonian Breakfast

What’s a Baltic breakfast like? We got to find out! Two fried eggs, cottage cheese with sour cream and caraway seeds, fried black pudding, bacon, fresh cucumber, and lingonberry jam. Curious about other Baltic fare? Check out What I Ate in the Baltics!

Estonian Breakfast

5. Fat Margaret

Nice name, right? Don’t worry, it’s only “fat” because it’s the largest turret of the city’s fortification. She’s been around since the early 16th century, but today’s she houses the country’s Maritime Museum!

IMG_1211 2
Fat Margaret Welcomes You at the City Gate

4. Toompea Castle

This Castle has seen some interesting times since the 13th century. The pink Baroque style structure was added in the 18th century, but the tower pictured below has stood the test of time. This spot was chosen for the castle all those centuries ago because it’s the highest point in the area, and defenders of the town would be able to see for miles in case of attack.

Toompea Castle Turret

3. A Walk on the Wall

When you go to Tallinn, you really should make time to walk the city wall. Look out the tiny windows and see what the guardsmen would have seen all those centuries ago. When you walk up here, you’re walking in history!

The City Wall

2. The Views

And speaking of seeing what people in the past saw, make sure you look back when you go up a hill or up in a tower. The views are astounding. One of my favorite things to do in new places is to take in the views from up high!

Don’t forget to look behind you!
Beautiful views!

1. The Medieval Charm

This is the reason you go to Tallinn–so you can step back in time and be transported into a fairytale. I promise you, I fully expected Robin Hood and Maid Marian to walk around the corner at any moment!

Medieval Architecture
A Knight in Shining Armor
My own Knight in Shining Armor at the City Gates!

Are you ready to love Tallinn, Estonia? Do you have questions? Want to know more about the Baltics? Let me know below!

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  1. Great photos and the breakfast looks delicious.

  2. Oh man I’ve never heard of fried black pudding! What is that like?

    1. Like fried sausage!

      1. I will have to try that sometime!

      2. You absolutely should! The Baltics are amazing, including their food!

      3. It’s on the list! Although for me, Greece is my number one next trip I want to take abroad 🙂 It’s my dream … so hopefully sometime after! 🙂

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