Futami: I Couldn’t Stay Away

Originally published on 29 July 2006. This post is part of a series of “e-mails to home” from my summer living and working abroad in Japan!

Today I woke up early to talk to Mom online and get to the beach one last time. Next time I talk to my family, it’ll be in the flesh! Today at the ocean was much like it was on Thursday. I walked along the shoreline and just sat listening to the waves. It’s just so pretty with the mountains and the water and the sky all there together. So beautiful. God’s created so many incredibly, amazingly beautiful things here in Japan. I’m so thankful for this summer and the opportunities I’ve had to see and experience so much!

Sea, mountains, and sky
Water in my toes!

I’ve changed so drastically. I’d never have become who I am now without the good and bad parts about my time in Japan.  I’m sure I’ve changed in ways I’m not even aware of yet. I may never know, but that’s fine. I’m just glad I’ve becaome who I am now. I’m glad God led me here for the summer. It’s hard without a church or my family or being able to read anything, but I think all that has brought me closer to God than I would have been if I’d stayed in Tennessee this summer. I’ve been humbled for sure, but this trip has really given me confidence I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. God knows the only way to get to you.

I saw some fishermen out today. I actually saw the same man I saw the first time I went to the ocean last month. He recognized me, too, and we said, “Ohayo gozaimasu,” or “good morning.” I ate a riceball for a snack and walked around the shoreline some more, then I went to the Rocks.

The Wedded Rocks

Ate Takonezushi for the very last time at lunch today (no really, this time is the last time). We need to breed bonito fish in Tennessee. They have an outlandish amount of protein (a whopping 26 grams per ounce) and less than 3 grams of fat. Too bad it’s only found in the Pacific!


And that’s another thing. I’m just astounded at the knowledge that I’m looking at the Pacific… and looking east as I do so! All my life the Pacific has been out of sight and far to the west of me. It’s still unreal that I’m on the other side of the world. The already flawed sense of direction I have is completely confused, but that’s ok. I sat in my little place behind the shrine for about an hour or so after lunch, then it was time to leave. I still have lots to do before I leave in the morning!

So this is it. I’ve showered, packed the last-minute things, and rearranged stuff for the last time. Now all I have to do is pack up my computer and head out. I’ll go to Sushi Lo for the last time, then say my final goodbyes at school. I’m terrible at goodbyes. But who’s really good at them? Mrs. Koda and I will pick up my suitcases when she finishes up at her work, and I’ll spend the night at her house. I’ll miss her and Mr. Koda very much. They also have an open invitation to stay with me in America. I’d love for them to meet my parents!

So ends my Japanese Journey. I start traveling at 3PM Saturday, CST (5AM Sunday, Japan time), and I get to Nashville International at 12:44 pm on Sunday. Please pray for a safe, uneventful trip. I still have to do some paperwork about the flight change I had to make, so please pray that all that goes smoothly and quickly! Thank you for your thoughts, e-mails, and especially prayers since I’ve been here. I can’t wait to see you all! This is it!

Love, Whitney

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