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This Faraway Friday is a special one because I am highlighting my #1 favorite company that does so much good for women around the world: Marie Mae Company. For every item purchased, Marie Mae’s owner and CEO Jillian Ryan (and my good friend) donates an hour of business training to women in developing markets. I wrote this article as a guest post for her blog, the Marie Mae Memo, and I decided to share it here with you as well! 

I recently read that Americans allowed 658 million paid vacation days to go unused in 2015. Are you kidding me? What a waste! But I know many driven, entrepreneurial-minded men and women operate with the assumption that vacation days themselves aren’t productive; there’s too much to do and simply not enough hours in the week. However, there is so much good to be done – and purpose to be found – around the world if we use our vacation days for good. Stay with me here.

Marie Mae Small Notebook; an essential for all my travels!

It is proven that taking a walk or a coffee break boosts creativity and makes us happier and more productive employees. Getting out of our routine and traveling gives us a clearer understanding of the world around us and challenges us to adapt, making us better coworkers. Traveling with purpose helps us to see the potential in the lives of others, perhaps spurring ideas on how to use your vacation days and careers for good.

On a recent trip to Cambodia, the fertile ground for entrepreneurship really struck me. There are so many market opportunities.  Can business owners be more effective business people with a little extra education? Can local businesses learn how to work together instead of creating so much competition? One thing tourists are asked not to do is to buy souvenirs or give money to children. They have access to a free education, and the government specifically requests that tourists not give money to children who should be in school. I never would have thought of that. So rather than unintentionally encouraging children to drop out of school, I purchased locally made souvenirs at a reasonable price, supporting local small businesses.

Loving on a Local

Whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad, do a quick search for benevolent programs at your destination and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What can I learn from what local small businesses are doing right?
  • How can I be a responsible traveler here – buying local, supporting green efforts like recycling, buying from local business owners instead of children, etc.?
  • What is a fair market price for souvenirs in this country, state, or city?
  • What opportunities is the local market missing, and can I start something back home to help fill the gap and make an impact?
  • What can I do to encourage good practices with my travel buddies?
  • How can I be helpful?

So, if utilizing those paid vacation days can make you more efficient, more adaptable, and help the global economy, why not take advantage of them? What if your vacation helps you to figure out how to infuse your career with meaning?  Traveling with purpose is the best kind of travel.  How will you use your vacation days for good this year?


Interested in learning more? Check out and find out how you can change women entrepreneurs’ lives around the world. 

9 responses to “Travel with Purpose”

  1. I can’t believe so many vacation days went unused, especially when Americans get so few anyway! The notebooks look beautiful, they must be such a pleasure to write in and for such a good cause.

    1. It’s a phenomenal company with incredible, quality products!

  2. You gave so many interesting things happening there in the US. Your piece is very interesting and challenging. Moving everyday through the world of travelers, I don’t even realize anymore that some people need a suggestion of how to travel with purpose.

  3. What a great way to give back to the society.

  4. Wow, business education for women, that really sounds like an amazing idea! I see how this can really help the society, and sometimes this one hour really can go a long way for someone looking to start their own business!

    1. It absolutely can! She recently did a two week training session in Rwanda for 11 women!

  5. It makes me so sad that most businesses here in Canada are now all “big box.” I always love to support the independent owners when I can!

    1. Me, too! More and more small business are popping up in the States these days, and the ones that give back are my favorite!

  6. I think vacation days are actually the most productive! With them we can rejuvenate our tired bones… Ha! But I couldn’t agree more… Why waste such a precious thing?!

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