United Polaris Business Class

It’s Faraway Friday, and you’re about to be let into a very exciting experience: a first flight with United’s new Polaris flight experience! My husband and I used a free upgrade on our recent trip to Guam, and it was quite a comfortable experience!

Creature comforts

As you can see, there is a pile of amenities for our comfort: a blanket wrapped up with a bow, amenities kit, small pillow (assumedly for the lumbar), a throw, and a large pillow for sleeping! Here’s a look at what’s inside that amenities kit:

Amenities kit (and my airplane leggings)
Take a peek!

On the left side:

Sleep and Relax
  • Do not disturb decal: to be placed on your TV screen when you’re asleep and don’t want to be awakened (handy if you’d prefer more sleep over breakfast service)
  • Cowshed products: facial cleansing cloth, sleep-enhancing spray for your pillow, chapstick, and lotion
  • Earplugs for airplane noise
  • Cushy sleep mask

On the Right Side: 

Revive and Refresh
  • Grippy socks
  • Comb
  • Pen for filling out customs forms
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss pick
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Breath mints

Want to feel even comfier? All flights to and from Asia provide plush slippers!

Socks and slippers!

And what was I most excited for the new Polaris Business Class? Pajamas!

Black: Large/Extra Large; Gray: Small/Medium

I ended up not even wearing them on the flight because, well, the bathroom is tiny and there was always a line! I did, however, try them on when I got home:

Me in the small/medium! House shoes courtesy of my mom a few Christmases ago.

This is real life, people. This is what Quick Whit looks like in huge (and delightfully comfy!) PJs after two flights, 18 hours of travel time, and a few hours’ sleep on the plane from Tokyo to DC! All in all, bigger is better when it comes to pajamas, and these were soft, too!

Am I missing something? Oh yeah, the food! Tune in for my next What I Ate Wednesday when I talk about what I ate in Polaris Business!

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