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What I Ate in DC


It’s What I Ate Wednesday AND Inauguration Week in DC! In honor of the great influx of people who will be in town for the inauguration and those who will be moving in with the changes of administration, here’s a rundown of the infamous foods and food experiences in DC!


A trip to DC involves an awful lot of walking for most, so a hardy breakfast is essential! The egg white omelette, fruit, and sausage above are from the historic and classic Old Ebbitt Grill, across the street from the Treasury Department and just a block from the White House. The “Blue Buck” pancakes (blueberry buckwheat) with real maple syrup and butter are a must-do at Eastern Market (closed Mondays). And the amazing vanilla latte above is from a little place called Baked and Wired in Georgetown!


Lunch time! After a morning of seeing the sites, you’re due for some good food. The Shrimp and grits came from Market Lunch at Eastern Market. Yes, it comes with bacon! DC actually has excellent sushi options as well. Take your pick from the variety of Asian restaurants in Downtown. And if you want an authentic DC experience, check out the food trucks! The trucks pictured above are parked next to the Portrait Gallery in Chinatown, but you’ll find them along the National Mall and various other hot spots around town. Be on the lookout for amazing South African, Mexican, Ecuadorian, and Vietnamese food, but don’t miss the cupcakes, macaron ice cream sandwiches, and other desserty-trucks as well!



Here’s a suppertime treat that’s hard to beat–Ethiopian food! There is nothing more fun than eating with your hands AND eating your plate! The various items above are Ethiopian-style meats and veggies, and the flat bread it comes on (and is served on the side) is called injera. The scallops pictured above can be found at Pennsylvania 6, and AMAZING restaurant just a few blocks from the White House. This is a special night out kind of place.


Seriously, how good do those desserts look? The cupcake with the blue frosting is a treat from Baked and Wired, the mini cupcake and macarons are from a little tea shop in Georgetown, the huge cookie is a delight from a shop in Chinatown, and the lemon curd with meringue is an amazing dessert from Pennsylvania 6!

So what do you think? Ready to eat your way through DC?

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